Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday The Hottest Day of the Year...........So Far

Well wasn't it Hot! We'd decided to go crabbing at Mudeford on Sunday, so we left about 12ish. Got stuck in loads of traffic and arrived at Mudeford just after 2.00.
When we got there we couldn't get anywhere near the place. What we didn't know was that it was the RNLI fun day, and all the car parks were heaving. We were gutted we'd so looked forward to it there was a fun fair there that day and I wanted my tub of cockles off the quay.
We decided to go a bit further down the coast to High Cliff. We only just managed to park there. Had some lunch in the cliffhanger cafe and tootled along down to the beach. Had a great time paddling our feet and splashing each other fully clothed and throwing seaweed. Felt just like being kids again. A bit after 4.00 we thought we'd try Mudeford again.

There was one parking spot left and we got it hurraahhh. We had a go on the hook a duck stall, and then had a go on the bumper cars. I thought I'd try and put the seat belt on which goes over your head, but as I did this my top came down and I flashed my bra to all of Mudeford :0{ After the bumper cars we got our tub of cockles and crab bait from the fish stall. Now all was right with the world. Spent an hour or so crabbing. My lil brother caught 4 but hubby didn't catch any. He was most disappointed, this was his first ever trip crabbing.

Came home after getting lost, (coz I thought I knew a short cut) and had a BBQ. My friend Marie joined us, and we tucked into burgers and sausages from the farm shop, and wine, lovely. What wasn't so lovely was the pile of washing up I had to do this morning. But everyone except me had to go to work today so I didn't mind too much. A great day was had by all.


Daisie said...

Sounds wonderful, I haven't been crabbing since I was a little girl! Lots of lovely memories, thanks XXX

Vanessa said...

What is crabbing, i presume you are trying to catch crabs but how?

Looks like you had a good time and then to finish it all off with a BBQ, sounds perfect to me!

Vanessa x

Sarahs Home said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, glad you had fun.
Sarah x

Chrissy said...

Sound like a great day, would have been lovely. Such a long way for us to go to the sea, I miss it. Glad you got there in the end ;D I turned the hosepipe on and kept dashing under the sprinkles like a kid, LOL

Kim said...

What a lovely day you had, Pixie and I love your new butterfly picture :)

Kim x

MrsL said...

Looks a geat day out - love the paddling picture. The down side of living in such a beautiful part of the country is that it does get packed out in summer.