Saturday, 26 July 2008

My Friends Allotment....

Thought I'd post some pics on here of my friend Sharon's Allotment, its so pretty. Doesn't the gate look just like a fairy gate.
Went on the council website today and got the number I need to contact to go on the waiting list for an allotment. Just need to give them a ring now.

Picked some blackcurrants yesterday and have spent today making blackcurrant jam. All the recipes I had were for far more blackcurrants than I had so I made it up. will post pics and recipe when camera battery is recharged. It set lovely and tasted great got Mr Pixies seal of approval so that's OK. Decided to seal in hot jars with wax discs and metal lids while jam was hot this year. Last year I did the let it cool down and then seal method and got mould and the whole lot had to be chucked away. I was devastated as I wanted some for Christmas presents. There has been lots of debate on the CL forum about which way is best, but it seems to be 50/50. fingers crossed for mould free jam.
Looking forward to out trip to Mudeford tomorrow to go crabbing. I'm hoping to get a tub of fresh cockles on the sea front too. Can't beat cockles and malt vinegar. All coming back here for a BBQ. Got some lovely burgers and sausages today from the farm shop. Hoping its gonna be a lovely day.

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