Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wednesday Musings.....

I've got another bear fair to do with my sister in law this Sunday, in Dorchester, at Kingston Maurward House. It's a nice venue and normally quite a good fair, so fingers crossed. I'm going to take some of the hearts I made for the last fair with me, and I've also make these cup cake door hangers and a chicken.
I'm going to try and get some more made before Sunday. I've stuffed them and put cinnamon scent in them, they do smell yummy.
Had forgotten about the bear fair until the beginning of the week, as had arranged to go crabbing in Mudeford with my hubby, brother and his girlfriend. Never mind, maybe next weekend.

Lost 3 pound at slimming last week and got slimmer of the week. This weeks not looking good though, as had family over at he weekend and drank too much! Well I'd better go and sort out a nice healthy lunch and off to work again.


Summer by the sea said...

Good luck with the fair and well done with the weight loss - 3lb is really impressive (a nice glass of wine is my downfall too - why does eveything enjoyable have to be bad for you?!) - Natalie x

Kim said...

Hello Pixie. Sorry I've not been around to say Hi for a week or two, but it's been a mighty hectic time lately. I love your little cup cakes, sooo sweet :)

Kim x

MrsL said...

Your work is lovely - love the hens!!

Nice blog too.