Monday, 23 June 2008

The New Forest Bear Festival

Hi everyone. sorry I haven't been around for a while, life's a bit hectic at the moment. Had my Grandads funeral on Wednesday, which was horrible. It was my first funeral and I didn't expect to get that upset. I was fine until I saw the coffin and then it hit home I think. I'm glad its over. Also mum and dad had to have their dog put to sleep on Saturday morning, which was quite sudden and unexpected, so not a great week all and all.


This Sunday 29th June is the first New Forest Bear Festival. Which is being held in Beaulieu village. In walking distance from the motor museum, but there is also a park and ride available. My sister in law, makes gorgeous mohair bears (Teeny Bears) and we have a stall at the bear festival. I've been making some lavender shabby chic hearts for the stall to sell as well. Hoping it will be a fun day out. You can check out my sister in laws bears at


Anonymous said...

Sos sorry to hear you had a rough time. Sometimes all bad things come at once !! I will be thinking of you.
Great news on the bear show, would love to see that. I love bears very much too !!!


kathyann said...

Sorry to hear of your Grandfather passing,funerals are never nice things to go to!Sounds like the family have had a trying time just lately!
Hope next weekend is brighter for you and you manage to sell loads!!!!
Take care
Love from Kathy and the girls

Kim said...

Oh Louisa, I'm sooo sorry that you've had a hard time lately. Hoooge (((hugs))) to you and your family. Treat yourself to another bear ;)

Take care

Kim x

AwtemNymf said...

Good Luck at the Bear Fair! I love bears too! I absolutely LOVE the cupcake one you have in the column on your blog! Bear Faerie! *swoons*
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing OK at the moment ???
Just flew by to wish you a good weekend.
Thinking of you !!