Saturday, 3 January 2009

A banging my head sort of day.......

Hi folks, Thanks for all the lovely comments about my home, they did make me giggle, as my house is far from immaculate really, I just take pics of the good bits. :0)

Hen, I'm so glad you liked the gingerbread man hangy and couldn't part with it, made me smile.

The above pic is my latest buy. It's a Gisela Graham tea pot and goes with the jam pot and salt and pepper shakers I already have. It was in the sale at Haskins for £6.30 and was picked up for me by my SIL, she knows what I like. My SIL and BIL came to dinner last night and bought me one of her handmade xmas pud bears, isn't he the cutest.

As the title of my post suggests I feel like I've been banging my head against a brick wall today, trying to sort out pet insurance. I managed to get my existing policy a little cheaper, but it would appear changing insurers isn't an option as we made two claims on the dog last year, which is not an ongoing illness but new insurers now won't insure him if he gets a tummy upset in the future, which is the only thing I'm likely to claim on. I think this is ridiculous as what pet doesn't get tummy upsets at one time or another. AARRRGGGHHH.

My other issue today was trying to understand the person on the other end of the phone. The call centres always seem to be abroad and we both had trouble understanding each other, so it takes 10 times longer to sort out and I'm still none the wiser. OK rant over now.

On a brighter note, thanks to Mrs L on the CL forum, I've found wellies that will fit my legs, I'm so excited I've been looking for years for wellies that will fit. They are a little expensive but will last me ages so I'm looking to purchase a pair in the near future, and will pop a pic up.

Have a nice stress free afternoon folks.


bekimarie said...

Thought I recognised the teapot (lovely by the way), I have a mug to match. Picked it up in a charity shop a while ago, one of those things you look at and think 'oooh I like, must have'!
Beki xxx

Simone said...

The teapot is definitely my cup of tea and the little xmas bear is adorable. I love his sweet face. I hope things stay Ok with your pet and I am glad you can get wellington boots to fit!

Gem said...

Love the teapot! And the bear is very cute too :) We're looking at pet insurance for our 2 kitties so I know how frustrating it can be. Hope you get it all sorted out soon :) x

Anonymous said...

I love your chicken tea pot. Very cute!

Gem said...

The tooth is much better now, thank you :) Still on antibiotics but finish them tomorrow and I'm at the dentist again on Monday. Just relieved it's not hurting anymore! xx

Sarahs Home said...

Very nice tea pot..... I can never find wellies or boots that fit me..