Monday, 26 January 2009

10,000 Hits and a Giveaway.......

Morning Folks. Well overnight my blog received 10,000 hits! Its amazing to think I've achieved this in less than a year, and that so many people have read my everyday ramblings. I'm completely addicted to blogging now and have been in contact with so many lovely people, who I have lots in common with. Most of my friends and family think I'm bonkers when I go on about my blog and talk about fellow bloggers like I've known them for years, but that's just how blogging is, Don't you think? I'd like to say a big Thank you to all my regular blog buddies who I'd like to think of as friends now, for regularly popping by to say hello and always being there when you fancy a chat or a cyber hug, so I've decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate my 10,000 hits. I'm not sure what the goodies will be yet, but its bound to include at least one or two hand made items. So if you'd like to leave a comment on this post, I will put your name in the hat. I will be doing the draw some time Saturday evening, so the closing date will be midday on Saturday. I will get Mr Pixie to pick the name with I suspect, a little help from Woody. lol.

And heres a few new pics of my Hyacinths in flower. I can't believe how quickly they've grown, and they smell gorgeous.


MrsL said...

Lovely hyacinth, can just imagine the sent! Well done on the 10,000, here's to 10,000 more:)



bekimarie said...

WOW! That's a lot of hits.
Your hyacinths look lovely, i'm still waiting for mine to flower.
Have a good week.
Take care
Beki xxx

Daisie said...

Yes, please, put my name in the hat, am always up for some new goodies!!

thesnailgarden said...

Wow, 10,000 hits - that's amazing in one year - congratulations. I love the idea of bulbs in teacups, so pretty and I imagine the scent is gorgeous. Best wishes Pj x

daisy said...

Your Hyacinths look lovely, please could I be put in the hat also. Love the cupcakes background by the way.

Simone said...

Congratulations on all the hits! The hyacinths look very pretty in the teacups.

hen said...

Those Hyacinths were so inspiring I went and got some of my own!

I love your blog and I love what you make (gingerbread man hanging is still up!).

Here's to another 10, 000 hits!


ambermoggie said...

congratulations and the hyacinths are lovely:)

Sarahs Home said...

Well done on so many visitors. The hyacinths look lovely and I am sure they smell just as good.

Sarah x

karen said...

Wow congrats on the l0,000 hits hunni I'm sure there will be many many more to come.

Taz said...

Congratulations on your number of hits. But then you blog is so fun to come and visit :)
I love your idea of they bulbs in teacups, I've just bought some spring bulbs so will have to see what things I can find to plant them in.

I Believe In Fairytales said...

well done, that's because your blog is full of so many pretty things to look at.

Tillybud said...

congratulations! I told you I was going to put a hyacinth in a teacup just like yours and I did. As luck would have it they were selling the prettiest little teaset in my local charity shop and I snapped it up. thanks for the inspiration!

hippymummy said...

Wow! How many hits??? That's fantastic!
I can't believe how quickly your flowers have grown! Is that a normal speed or have these grown at super speed to be ready to decorate your 10,000 hits post?Lol! Please put my name in the hat, although i've never won anything in my life - not even an argument with the dogs never mind the kids! Lol! Congrats again on your mega acievement! xXx

Shabby Chick said...

Well done on 10,000 hits, tis nice to be popular :D

Your hyacinths look gorgeous, I can almost smell them from here!

I would be very grateful to be in with a chance of winning your giveaway.

Mel xxx

LittleGem said...

Well done on so many hits. I have no idea how to check how many people are coming to my blog but it would be interesting to find out! Thankyou for following my blog :) xx

MaryPoppins said...

Couldn't resist going in the hat for yours :)

Love hyacinths we have some in a very special place and am so looking forward to them flowering :)


MaryPoppins said...

Not sure if I have gone in the hat :)


Carolyn G said...

Those are beautiful. I wish I could grow some. I usually kill my plants but not on purpose.

Leanne said...

Hi PD many congratulations on 10,000 hits, its a lovely blog and deserves the traffic! Please include me in the draw, your handsewn crafts are gorgeous!

congrats again!
Leanne x

Hollypop's said...

Just found your blog, so I thought I'd say hello. I love hyacinths they're so pretty and the smell is gorgeous.
Enjoyed looking at your blog.

MollyandIzzie said...

I love your new wallpaper! Please add me into the draw!
x x x

Josie-Mary said...

Wow 10,000.... that's alot. I can't believe how big your flowers are.... I brought mine the same day & they haven't opened yet... Lidl rubbish!!! x

Flossie and Tom said...

Gosh thats a huge amount of hits - love the rabbit you made for Mel Mel - you are so clever


Greedy Nan said...

Please enter me in the giveaway - hope I'm not too late [for a change]

sue15cat said...

Wow...10,000 hits! Well done. I have just found your blog via Mel Mel. Love the rabbit you made her, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Sue xx

rachel the krafty girl said...

i just found your blog from melmels!cos i was so impressed by the swap goodies you made for her!absolutely adorable!!

congratulations on your blog hits,ill be stopping by some more in the future,and i would love to be entered into your giveaway

take care and have a lovely weekend whatever you do


pink-petal-designs said...

I just love your idea for the tea cups to be used as planters, they look fantastic. Please enter me in your draw, you make such lovely things! Sarah x x

claire said...

congrats on the 10,000 hits :)
can I go into your giveaway hat too please? x

Thecraftytrundler said...

My pink hyacinths have just gone over, but i will buy some more. It's lovely to smell their sweet fragrance, when you come downstairs in the morning!!
Will have to get a pot of them for my b/f's mum, as she has been poorly lately.
I would love to be included in the giveaway please?
You are a clever bunny!!!

Sharon xx