Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday Morning....

Well, its Saturday morning and its grey and gloomy outside, and it would have been the first day since Christmas to have a lie in, but........can't sleep :o(. So I'm up early and I've been reading some blogs instead. I think I kept hubby up a lot last night with my constant coughing and I woke this morning with my right eye completely glued down, so it looks like I've got conjunctivitis to boot. I'm sick of feeling poorly at the moment, its been one bug after another. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people are going through a lot worse, and my bugs are nothing in comparison .....and now I feel all selfish and moany for going on, so I'll shut up about it.

So on a completely different subject, did anyone catch the programme last week sometime about the couple who go around and pick up loose change from the ground and get their friends to do the same? They also regularly check down the back of their sofa in the car etc. Well in the last 22 years they've saved all this change and had collected over £350,000,00 for charity! Wow, I think that's amazing. So in this time of recession and credit crunchdom, I decided to start my own jar, now I'm still quite a bit away from the amount the old couple made, but its a good start I thought.
Look at this pic of my daft dog, talk about a pampered pooch!


Gem said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, there's a lot of it about at the moment :( Keep yourself warm and wrapped up :)

Did you collect all the money in the jar off the floor?!? I always put all my slummy in a jar and then every now and again go and cash it in. Not sure how much is in there at the moment though!
Take care,

Simone said...

I do hope that you feel better soon. A tip for finding money on the floor is to look at the pavement around train stations or outside newsagents. These are the places where my son has found coins. There is usually a penny or two lying around. I love your 'daft dog's' expression and his wavy ears!

nita x said...

pixie, i do hope you start to feel better soon, sounds like you have got thoroughly run down hun, try and give yourself some time to rest and recoop, its the only way to get over these bugs. ignatia from the health shop, get some of that put a few drops in water take each day it will help to build your immune system back up, is all natural so can only help you. {{hugs}}

Josie-Mary said...

Poor you for feeling poorly... theres so much going around.
It's such a good idea to save your loose change, when I get paid at the end of the month I empty my purse into my money box - after 4 months I had £50!!! it all adds up & you can treat yourself.
Love your daft dog!! :)

nita x said...

pixie ive sent you an award its on my blog :o)

hippymummy said...

It sounds like you need to spend some time focusing on you, it's so easy to ignore what our bodies're trying to tell us. We rush around, preparing for xmas, food, presents, the shopping - Aagh! - and it all mounts up. then the anti climax lands in january and half of us are dragging ourselves round like the walking dead! I prescribe keeping wrapped up, lots of lemon and honey, golden eye ointment and pampering from your OH. Ill have to give the money jar thing a go - if the kids don't get wind of it that is!
Love your dogs face btw, they have such a hard life dont they! Lol!

cinnamon cottage said...

Its amazing your so right ...the amount of loose change that you can find lying around.....we have just took a big bag full of loose change that has been lying around here for just over a year to the bank and it came to 104 euros.... i was so chuffed....and its just change from hubbys pockets and bits left lying around just put into a jar..something im going to keep doing fom now on.. have a lovely day Jan xx

Sarahs Home said...

Love the idea for the jar. I hope that you are feeling better soon, Hubby has made me take the day off work today as I am so full of cold. I hate taking time off but sometimes I think you have to give in and rest. Love your dog.

Sarah x

Kim said...

I hope you soon feel better, Pixie, have a (((HUG))) and cuddle up to your pampered pooch :)

Kim x

MelMel said...

My mum has a change jar, she pays bills with it....amazing how much you can save!

Parcel in the post amorrow!


MelMel said...

Hi there, Good day?

I posted the parcel.....keep your eye out for the postie!
Such fun!


bekimarie said...

Oooh you are so right, I love it.
Just found a piece on ebay, more than big enough for what I need with plenty left over to make something else to match.
Just need to work out if I can afford it.
Now i'm thinking, paint it white or even red, really brighten the bathroom up.
Thanks ever so much for the advice.
Take care
Beki xxx

Elanor Clare Andrews said...

I've popped in to let you know I'm passing on a blog award to you; all the details are on my blog if you'd like to take part.
Elanor @

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Good morning!
Just notice that you have added me to your favorites!
You have made my day, for sure!
Specially since I to have a bad cold!
Not pleasant at all!
By the way, my brother also collects his pennies in a big empty Vodka
bottle, when its was full to the top, he managed so save over £150.00!
I think I to will be giving a go!
Its a great way to save some ££££ for a nice weekend away!
Sadly I don`t think it will be enough to cover my 3 Kiddies expenses, so I guess it has to be only me and DH going!
Shame! Not really!!!
Debbie Moss

P.S - I will add you to my blogs that I follow this weekend!
Once again, many thanks and hope you get better soon!