Thursday, 1 January 2009

All De-Christmased

Well first of all Happy New year to you all, and heres hoping 2009 will be a good year. We bought woody a new bed for Christmas, which he completely ignored for a while, but now happily curls up in.
Today has been spent taking down the decorations and de-christmasing the house. It does look bare now. It took ages to get straight and the more you tidy and clean the more you seem to find to do. I felt myself getting quite cross gggrrrr.

It didn't help that hubby's in a bad mood today and its rubbed off on me and I definitely have the New Year blues now. :o(

But I'm now sat blogging with a glass of cava and feel a little better. Although already thinking about going back to work on Monday which makes me feel :o(.
I have so much I want to achieve in the coming year, far too long to list but I hope I get somewhere with my plans for this 2009. On the top of my list is to be more more organised, especially with the house and the shopping and plan meals. Save money, Loose weight and get fit etc. I'm sure I will be a much happier person if I can achieve all of these.

You never know we may get to decorate our lounge and get rid of that ghastly gas fire. :o)
I've got some lamb in the oven for dinner tonight which I'm hoping will be tasty, and then a DVD I think.
Have a great evening folks. xxxx


Slice of life said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!

Josie-Mary said...

Happy new year!! I love Woody's new cute!
Sorry to hear you have the new year blue's. Here's hoping 2009 will be good for us all. I to have loads of things planned & have made a to make list on my blog!! Isn't it funny that we put on hold being happy until we have lost weight etc. I gave up dieting 2 years ago because I was so unhappy, since then I've lost 3 stone!!! Funny how weight watchers keep asking you to go back.... if it was so good you would loose the weight & never have to do it again!! Hope you're feeling better tonight - chin up :) xx

nita x said...

Happy New Year Pixiedust enjoy your cava :o)

Gem said...

Happy New Year - hope that 2009 is everything that you want it to be :)

Sarahs Home said...

Happy New Year. hope you a feeling a little hapier now. ou have posted some lovely pictures. I like the pictures hung up on the wall above your fire.
Sarah x

Kim said...

Happy New Year, Pixie, and your house looks lovely :)

Kim x

ps, can I have your address please? you can pm me.

hen said...

I can not believe how spotless your house is. I feel ashamed!

Oh and you know I bought that christmas gingerbreadmen-hanging from you as a gift for someone? Well, I have to confess, that I just couldn't let it go! It's still hanging up in the living room looking lovely. It's mine all mine forever! Thank you!!


Rowan said...

Happy New Year and I hope it is a good one for you with lots of objectives achieved. Woody looks very comfy in his new bed - lucky boy:)

solsticedreamer said...

happy new year lovely!
i love woodys bed he looks so comfortable!
at the moment cody is running up and down the room with a really loud squeeky train! he was so spoilt!
your house looks lovely~i always feel taking down the decorations are part of the newness of the new year, clearing space for the new things to come...almost like clearing the mind!

Simone said...

Happy 2009! I could just curl up in Woody's bed right now! It looks so comfortable. Your house is so tidy. You would be horrified at the state of mine at the moment. I am horrified myself!!! I hope that the New Year blues fade away and that you look forward to the year ahead. x

Anonymous said...

Your house does look lovely, I wouldn't dare show off mine, if you think you're disorganised!!!
Anyway Happy New Year :-)

MelMel said...

Cute dog!

I hate my gas fire too!
Also not looking forward to going back to work...such a bore, I've enjoyed playing about!