Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A productive weekend......

Hi Folks, sorry I haven't posted for the last week, just been busy and trying to get back into the routine of work and such. Had a good weekend, took mum out shopping and to the bank Saturday, and we popped into a couple of charity shops. I picked up a nice fleece for £3 mum paid £2, and a nice t-shirt for Mr Pixie for a £1. We had a look around the market and I got a nice chicken for dinner Saturday, and the cockle man was there so I had to have a tub of cockles they are my favourite treat. :o)

Sunday we went for a lovely walk to the Forest of Bere with Woody, and hubbys friend and his springer came too. We met lots of other springer's in the woods, its amazing how different they all look. Later that day I finally got the lemon curd and Seville orange marmalade made that I've been wanting to do for ages. Got 6 jars of lemon curd done and 13 jars of marmalade, took bloomin ages, didn't finish until 10.00pm.

I've also been trying to be more organised with the shopping and plan our dinners for the week so we don't waste so much food and save money. I think we ate pretty well last week, Monday we had Lasagna for lunch and boiled eggs and soldiers for tea, we had the leftover lasagna for tea Tuesday, beef stew and dumplings Wednesday, corned beef hash on Thursday and finished it off Friday, roast chicken dinner Saturday and cauliflower and macaroni cheese Sunday. I also made a big batch of watercress soup up yesterday which is now in the freezer for whenever we need a quick and tasty meal. My thrifty plans will continue this week so watch this space.

Below are some pics of our lovely walk in the forest on Sunday.

Woody dancing on ice!!!!!!!

Yep he's not in the water he's on it.

If you look really closely you should be able to see a squirrel.


Gem said...

Sounds like you did eat well :)We're trying to start menu planning as we end up wasting so much food :( I'll be watching your thrifty plans with interest :)
I went over to the new forum and have signed up to go to the Gathering!!! Quite an impulsive decision for me but I think it'll be a really good weekend :) Moondance and Solstice have arrived this morning so I can't wait to get stuck into them :)

Gem said...

Just a quick one to let you know there is an award waiting for you on my blog :) xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Wow you've been busy :) xx

MelMel said...

Hello....tis u & me for the swap....how fun!
I'll email you my address!x

Simone said...

Lovely woodland pics. Lovely jars of Lemon Curd and Marmalade too. I have bought my Seville oranges so it looks like I am in for a marmalade making fest too!

solsticedreamer said...

hope you are feeling better.

i love springers out and about~cody is a very stocky (stumpy we call him!)working one

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh... that lemon curd looks absolutely LOVELY!!!! Yum!