Saturday, 31 January 2009

Charity Shop Bargain & a Dilemma....

How excited was I when I spotted these in the charity shop this morning. I practically took someone out with my shopping bag as I dashed to rescue them from the rail. A set of four Rosali Paisley print pillow cases, and guess how much I paid?..........................£1 because the shelf was marked up at the wrong price, bargain. They are in lovely condition but whats a girl to do, do I keep them as pillow cases for our bed? or cut them up for crafting? what do you think?

My second dilemma of the day is, after drooling over the Cath Kidston spring catalogue yesterday and wanting everything in there, lol, I decided that I will get myself a new bag, but which one? Do I go for the bucket bag above or the messenger bag below? Please Help I can't decide. I'm absolutely loving this spray flowers print.

My Giveaway is now closed and I will be picking the winner later. Good Luck folks. xxxx


Simone said...

The pillow cases were a fantastic bargain! I never see anything worth having in the charity shops near me. Why don't you use two as they are and use the other two for crafting? As for the bags, the messenger looks more practical for town as the flap would protect the contents but the bucket bag would be great for the beach or to carry a french stick home in!!!

bekimarie said...

Both bags are lovely, can see why6 you can't decide. I don't think i'd be able to either. Be naughty and buy both lol.
As for the pillowcases, if you really can't decide, throw them my way. What a lucky find, i'm actually watching some on ebay at the moment but have to admit wouldn't be too sure what to do with them either, I just love the pattern.
Enjoy your weekend
Beki xxx

MaryPoppins said...

Mmmmm dilemma indeedy

Well if it were me, and I so wish it was as you found a bargain there well done :) I would have two of them as pillowcases and two for crafts, that way everyone is happy :)

Loving the bags too, and you are right the Spray flowers is gorgeous, Ohooo have them both :)


Daisie said...

Personally I would save my pennies (although the bags are yummy) and make my own with a pillowcase!

Thecraftytrundler said...

I wish you could find Rosali pillowcases at our charity shops!! 4 FOR £1.00!!!!! I will keep looking!!
Love the bags, that print is gorgeous! Could someone buy you one as a Valentine, or Easter pressie?? Then you could buy the other!

Happy bargain hunting!

Sharon xx

karen said...

wow what a bargain!! how lucky are you I never seem to find any bargains. I would do the same as mary poppins and have two as pillow cases and two for making pretty things with.
Oh and as for the bags be sneeky and....
They are both yummy.

Tilly Rose said...

Wow what finds, I have today had the chance to mooch around the local charity shops but found nothing as lucky as you.....I love the bucket bag but the other one can go across the body which is very practical......don't ask me I am trying to make the same decision only I love the 'Chisick' flowers, think that what they are

Shabby Chick said...

I am so jealous! What a bargain! I think I would cut them up but that's only because none of our bedrooms are blue.

I'd go for the bucket bag but both are gorgeous!

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Hi hun, well done finding the CK ikea pillowcases!
I love the messager bag.....the strap is lovely and the design is wonderful!xxx

Taz said...

Wow that was a bargain! I'm definately in agreement with the use two for bags and keep two for pillowcases.

As for the CK bag I'd go for the bigger bag with the stripey strap. :)

Rosesposes said...

Hi I was in Ck yesterday and looking at both those bags!. I have the oilcloth one in green spotty. I will say the messenger bag is lovely but the pattern looks a lot lot paler than in the ck catalogue. I would probably go for the bottom one again if I bought another one. I like it because it stands on whatever surface you place it without falling over. I have taken it out in the rain too and it does well. I think the oil cloth one would stay looking newer for longer as the oilcloth is quite tough.
I guess it is personal preference though. At one end of my oilcloth bag I slot my umbrella in to!
Hope you decide!xDom

Rosesposes said...

ps love the pillowcases , thats a great bargain. I would have been squealing with delight!

bex said...

what a lovely find!!! im always looking out in the pillowcase and bed linen section!!!

Lavender hearts said...

Amazing pillow cases! I have her bowling bag (same size handles), nice as it is it's a pain in the neck because you can't carry over the shoulder. I'd go for the first one.