Thursday, 22 January 2009

Valentines Day Swap Parcel Arrives.....

Well what can I say.......when the door bell dinged this morning, I was beside myself with excitement, as it could only be one thing.......the valentine swap parcel from Mel Mel. I'm not sure if we were supposed to wait to open them, but I honestly don't think I could. I couldn't wait to rip the paper open. Mind you, look how prettily wrapped it is, its almost a shame to rip the paper.......
I gasped with joy when I saw what was inside. A beautiful Emma Bridgewater shopping bag. This will be most treasured, I love Emma Bridgewater stuff.
And inside the bag, an array of beautifully wrapped gifts. All with lovely messages and pink ribbon attached.

Isn't this heart stunning! I love it Mel.

and look at these little brooches which are destined to adorn my coat, along with the knitted flower brooch that Josie-Mary made me for the cosy night in swap.

And look, a Mrs Beeton book. I love baking, and this will come in very handy indeed. Watch this space for pics of all the goodies I will make.

Thanks Mel for this beautifully made heart and cath kidston bath melt. xxxx

And some lovely pink quality street to munch while admiring my pressies. A very big Thank you to Mel for my lovely Valentine Swap Parcel, it really made my day. xxxxx I'm still working on yours as Mel, I'm making you something special that I hope you will like.
Another big thank you goes to Thrifty Mrs for organising this swap, what a lovely idea. xxx


MelMel said...

Hello....I'm so pleased you like enjoy them.....xxxx

Josie-Mary said...

That's quick!!! I haven't finished making mine..... I haven't even started one of the things!!! I better get knitting!!!
Lovely gifts.... glad to hear you're wearing the flower.
Brownies is a bit weird because I don't like children very much so everyone is shocked that I've joined!! :) x

Simone said...

You certainly received a bumper pack of goodies! I bet you were really excited to see all those lovely wrapped packages!

Jayne said...

I haven't finished making mine either! I must get a move on. Love the beaded heart!
Jayne xxx

Slice of life said...

How lovely! What a treat!

hippymummy said...

What lovely gifts! I bet you were beyond thrilled!I can't believe that it's nearly valentines day! Surely it was xmas only last week>? Lol!!! xXx

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everybody!

Awww I totally love you cup-cake skin on this website and the pink and purple packaging! so cute and girlie, I love things like this!
All the little gift ideas on here is great! You could make a heart shaped pillow and put dried Lavender in there as a bedroom treat!
All these things would be great for Valentines Day gift ideas!
Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! I am getting really stressed out over Valentines Day already! Last year I was really down, and to compensate I ate A LOT of ice-cream! I really hope this year will be different! Don't you think there is always so much pressure on everyone to "get it right" with Valentines Day cards/booking meals way in advance/flowers/gifts... the list goes on!! However, I have found a new way to send greetings, and this all down to my lovely friend Alice. She sent me an e-Card for Christmas, (she was in New Zealand over the festive season) and I thought it was such a cool way to send greetings, I have now been converted!
I have trawled the internet and have found some really cool sites, but my fav one so far is called I found it really easy to use and the best thing is that it's free! Lots of different themes of cards to choose from, and lots of funny, and cute ones too. There is a great application where you can load your own photos and add them to the card.(This is called Face It) I put one of my mum in there and sent it to her, he said it made her smile. You can load different photos of your friends into different cartoon characters! My favorite one is the cartoon of Elvis dancing!
Just wanted to share my findings with you! Hope you have a good Valentines Day whatever you do!
Love and Hugs,