Monday, 12 May 2008

A project and a garden visitor.....

Another bea-u-ti-full day today. We got up about 8.30 this morning, to no alarm clock, bliss. I love having a week off work together. We walked the dog together, then went shopping together, then we spent the afternoon in the garden together. Hubby went on the laptop and I looked through Good Homes magazine. As I've mentioned before, we are decorating the dining room at the mo, and we will need a new table and chairs, but I've had the idea that I'd like to re-use our dining room chairs, so this-avo, I just made a start.
This is a before pic of one of our chairs. We're not sure what wood it is, but it is a hard wood, Hubby thinks they could be beech or ash. We think they date from around the 60's but not sure. We were given them when we first got the house, from a little old ladies house clearance. I started to rub it down, but soon hubby joined in and it was decided, it needed to be taken apart to be properly rubbed down and glued and pegged back together.
This is the rubbed down chair, still to be glued. Hubbys borrowing some clamps from his dad. Once glued I'm going to paint it cream.
It took me an age to get the staples out of the seat and separate all the layers. I'm going to try and re-use the wadding, but add some more on top. I'm off in a mo to find some nice second hand Laura Ashley curtains on e-bay to reupholster the seats. Only three more to go after this. We did have two more a few years back, but threw them out. I'm kicking myself now.
This little chap decided to visit the garden today. Slow Worms are quite rare now. Hubby managed to pick him up and put him in the border out of harms way.


Summer by the sea said...

I can't wait to see the finished chairs and the dining room - enjoy your week off work - Natalie x

Sarahs Home said...

Good luck with the chairs. I think I may have passed out if I found that worm in my garden. I love gardening but cant be doing with some wildlife that choose to live there.

Sarah x

Chrissy said...

Reckon your chairs will look great ;-D I am almost jealous of your week off work, what a lovely weeks it is too...I haven't seen a slow worm since I was in Cornwall :-D

Ancestral Celt said...

That's a worm? My word, it resembles a snake to me.

hen said...

Those photos are amazing!! I've got a bit of a thing about slow worms!! Love 'em!!