Wednesday, 21 May 2008

In My Garden......

Just popped out in the garden yesterday avo and took this pics from the garden.

Can't have new potatoes without mint!
Not sure what this is but its very pretty.
I was hoping the postman might bring something exciting today, but sadly not, well hopefully tomorow then.


hen said...

What beautiful pictures!! Ooohh, the gorgeous pink flower is called aquilegia (the wild version is called Columbine). They self seed readily and you can get lots of different colours every year as they're a bit promiscuous!

I tend to wait until the seeds are rattling in the weirdy little heads then I shake the seed heads around the garden.

So lovely!!!


Pixiedust said...

Thanks Hen, I've got a blue aquilegia, but that hasn't flowered yet, we only put it in last year. I'll keep my eyes open for the seeds.

solsticedreamer said...

oh i love the pics~i can almost smell the mint :)
sound slike you have been really busy PD

Bovey Belle said...

I have LOTS of these in my garden pixiedust, so I'll save some seeds for you this year - I have the doubles too, which look like the skirts of Crinoline ladies! They also grow wild along the lanes here in Wales - SO beautiful.

Sharon J said...

Beautiful photos!

I love pansies - they always look so cheerful I think.

Aquilegia are also commonly known as 'Grannies Bonnets' which is think is such a pretty name for them. And have you seen how the bees love them?