Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Throwing my toys out of the pram!!!!!

I've been desperate to get back into crafting and sewing again, so over the last couple of days I've been planning lots of things I'm going to make and I've had all my sewing books sprawled across the house. Over the weekend I started to make a tall angel from the latest Tilda book. I'm pleased with how the angel has turned out, so now the fun part (or so i thought) making her lovely dress.
I sat at the dining room table, picked a lovely piece of fabric, drew my pattern on, pinned the bodice and arms, stitched the bits that needed stitching and cut it all out, including a large square for the skirt. I put the skirt section to one side and began to attach the sleeves to the bodice...........I thought it was going too well. For starters trying to work out how the sleeves attached to the bodice was a headache, then I finally had the light bulb moment and figured it out.....eureka.....so began to stitch them in. One disaster led to another and although one sleeve is in perfectly the other won't fit after many attempts......so the ******* bodice and sleeves are gracing the floor on the other side of the room. To top it all off, whilst I was stitching, Beau puppy had decided to steal the skirt section and hubby called from the lounge saying ''did you want that piece of fabric the puppy's got''. AAAAAHHHHHHHH the fabric is fine, but will need to be washed and ironed again. The air was seriously blue in our house last night I can tell you. I thought sewing was supposed to be a relaxing pastime! This morning now that I've calmed down, I may attempt the dress again, and IF!!!! I get it finished today I'll post up a pic.
On a lighter note, I'm having a few hours out with my mum today. Its something we never do so it should be quite nice. We're going to visit Cheselpeake mill and possibly Garsons to check out the Christmas displays and have a spot of lunch out. When I return I should be calm enough to tackle operation angel dress! lol.
Also the lovely Mel Mel has given me these awards, thanks so much hun! xxx

I'm to link to Mel Mel, pop the awards in my sidebar, tell you all seven things you don't know about me and pass the awards on to a few deserving bloggers, so here goes.

  1. I hate the sound of people brushing their teeth in front of me, it makes me go all goose bumply

  2. I'd love to be a housewife and never have to go out to work again

  3. I hate Marmite BLEUUURRR

  4. I'm mad as a box of frogs

  5. I have terrible trouble throwing things away, especially shoe boxes as they may come in handy for something

  6. I can't decide if I'm indecisive or not!

  7. I'm counting down the days until the next twilight film (new moon) is released, I'm soooooo excited!

Well that's my seven, I couldn't think what to put, but I'm sure that will do. I'd like to pass these awards to..........




Well thats all for now folks, hopefully I'll be back later with some after pictures.


Pixie xxxxx


MelMel said...

Cheers hunni!
I love marmite...yummy!

karen said...

Hiya hunni
Thanks for the awards I'll get them sorted in a day or two as I promised only minimal time one the www today cause it's the wee man's B'Day.

Pomona said...

Your crafting sounds like mine! I usually seem to have knitted something twice over by the time I have finished it - I am pretty good at ripping back, now! And the last dress I made for Princess B involved sewing up some armholes by mistake!

Pomona x

Yarrow said...

Thank you sooo much Pixie, and I'm sorry I'm so late picking this up. What am I like?