Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Musings.....

Firstly I just had to share this pic with you that a friend of mine e-mailed me, it had me in stitches. :O)

And this is hubby's new project. He's wanted a tractor to restore for years and he's now got his hands on this beauty, the back wheels are as tall as me. I'm so glad his parents have a smallholding as we have nowhere to store it at ours, but apparently once its done up he's going to occasionally drive it to work, that's gonna look hilarious rolling out of our close ;o).

Had a trip to the new Range today, its quite good, but mainly bought things we needed for the house like a new autumn weight duvet now the nights are getting a lot chillier. Of course hubby's moaning as apparently it isn't cold and he'll be too hot...... never mind :o) Also had a trip to my favourite place Cheselpeake mill and got two gorgeous t-towels for 1.99 each in beautiful floral fabrics, they are destined to be cut up for makes though.

Well off to cut up some runner beans and spuds for dinner now, and maybe have a look through my fabric stash later.


Pixie xxxx


karen said...

what a stunning tractor ( sorry but I must share in your hubby's enthusiasm for that one hehehe) I bet it'll look really cool when it's all done up.
Thanks for the advice hunni. River love's to make cake's but I never seem to get the topping right.
((( Hug's )))

Yarrow said...

Don't show my hubby your tractor, he'll be over to visit in a flash!

Hope you have an easier week.

Take care

kx said...

A tractor!!!! Its great! Suzie. xx