Sunday, 4 October 2009

The End of a Springy Week

The end of another week is upon us, so we're feeling a little sad tonight, with the Monday morning looming. Its worse because Hubby and I had last week off, to settle in our new Pup Beau. I'm dreading tomorrow when its back to work and I have to leave him a few hours. I will really miss my new little bundle of fluff and razor sharp teeth :o).
Woody and Beau seem to be getting on really well together now. Just look at them snuggled on the sofa together. They've also started to play together a lot more. Beau bites Woody's ears runs around the back of the sofa while Woody goes to get him, but he sneaks around the back and bites Woody's bum. Its so funny to watch the pooches, they've had me in stitches this week.

The little pickle keeps trying to chew the bark off my clematis.

The boys are mid play in this pic.

Beau taking a nap in Woody's bed.

Woody giving us his Eeyore look.

I grew this squash. Out of the two squash plants I had, this is all i got ;o(.
Had a nice lamb dinner tonight with runner beans from the garden, and I'm enjoying a glass of wine before I go upstairs to iron my work uniform for tomorrow. I'm hoping that the posty will bring me the Cath Kidston Sew book tomorrow, can't wait to make myself the bag pictured on the cover, but I seem to have a lot less time of late ;o).
Have a good week folks
Pixie xxx


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

What a beautiful new pup! Glad he's settling in well :) x

bekimarie said...

Love the Eeyore picture!
Beki xxx said...

They are beautiful doggies! So sweet. I have been growing my own too, We have one pumpkin! One marrow and one squash! We have had runner beans, cucumbers etc, so not too bad! Suzie. x

Yarrow said...

Aaah, Woody is just soooo gorgeous and what a wonderful dog to put up with the pup. It can't be easy for him, but they do look like they could be friends. Dogs are a lot more accepting than cats. My Arnold slept in the bath for a few weeks when I had my first child!!! He's since realised the advantages of messy children and their dropped dinners! (yes, even at their ages!)


Josie-Mary said...

How cute! It makes me want a puppy! Hope your first day back was ok, hate going back after time off :) x

Elise said...

Adorable (well, not the squash so much ) ! Another brilliant post, thanks

A Country Girl said...

Just found you lovely blog, attracted by gorgeous springers! I have a springer too, who I'm sure will be featuring heavily in my new blog. I am puppy broody now! My dera old girl is nearly ten. Not sure how she'd cope wih a youngster nibbling her ears!

laoi gaul~williams said...

awwww i am so glad they are having fun together :)

(cody has the same sheep fleece! his is a big green blanket!)