Saturday, 10 October 2009

Time for something sweet....

I haven't been out of the house at all today, and it's been lovely. Hubby took the dogs out this morning and has taken Woody for a walk tonight, so I've spent the whole day in my slogging about clothes, don't you just love old t-shirts and jogging bottoms? This afternoon I really fancied something sweet and there's no naughty stuff at all in the cupboards, believe me i checked twice :o(, and looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards I had no intention of venturing to the shop. So whats a girl to do???????

Well make some cupcakes of course and test out the piping bag kit that my SIL bought me last year.

This is the result. Six of the cupcakes are vanilla sponge and the others are chocolate, all with a pink butter cream icing.

scrummy, but all that icing is a bit sickly, but never fear, I have two bouncy springers waiting to help devour the icing.

Of course I couldn't even think about attempting to bake until puppy dog was like this! I can't get much done until he's in the land of nod.

And once he had woken up full of springy bouncing beans, whats a pup to do??? Well bite and hang on poor Woody's ears of course.

And then settle down to chew on his raw hide bone.

before going for another nap in his bed.

This bed is the cats old one and it was two big for him 2 weeks ago when we picked him up, now look at him, growing at the rate of knots.
I didn't get any sewing done today but I have started reading through the new CK ''Sew'' book, which I'm about to carry on with now.
I hope every ones having a good weekend, TTFN
Pixie xxx


Pomona said...

The cakes look yummy - and almost too pretty to eat!

Pomona x

A Decluttered Life said...

the cakes look yummy and very nicely decorated too. I know it is lovely just relaxing , I am in my pjs at the moment too!
enjoy your cakes x dom

MelMel said...

Thay look so brill!

Cute doggy pics!

Have a fun day tomorrow!xxx

P.S...MERLIN is back on yay!x

Josie-Mary said...

Cakes look yummy & the puppy is so cute :) x

Gem said...

Those cupcakes look yummy :) I made some yesterday but they look nothing as good as yours! I am domestically challenged when it comes to the kitchen! lol Love the cake stand too :)

p.s. Stonewylde was even better on the second reading - I was awake until 2pm because I couldn't put Solstice down!

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I'm in jogging pants and staying in today - bliss!
Your cupcakes look perfect! x

karen said...

ummmmm I could just go one of tjose right now. I bet you didn't save me one did you.
Can I be cheeky and ask what recipe you use for your butter cream icing I did some the other week I'm not quite sure where I wen't wrong but it was just soooo runny it didn't want to stay put hehehe.

Yarrow said...

You are soooo clever to make such adorable cakes :) Still loving the pup :)