Friday, 16 October 2009

E-bay Naughtiness

I've been a naughty little Pixie this week and have bought a couple of things on e-bay that I'm dying to show you all. Firstly my new most treasured possession, a king size Cath Kidston Rosalie for Ikea duvet cover and four pillow cases. I've been after this set for ages. its not made anymore but you can often find second hand sets on e-bay, but King size doesn't come up that often, so I was really chuffed to spot this, especially as it comes with four pillowcases too. But the best bit is that this duvet set was merely advertised as a king size Ikea floral duvet set, so didn't reach the stupidly high prices that CK normally does on e-bay. I'm sure we all type cath kidston into the search and see what comes up. I guess sometimes it does pay to look a little bit harder. Needless to say I am a very happy :o) pixie.
My other special purchase from e-bay this week has been this .......................

Don't you just love these old movies.

My favourite of which, is this.

I'm still whistling and singing the tunes. ''I've just flown from the windy city...........uuummm what's the next verse??????
I hope you all have a lovely weekend folks.
Pixie xxxxx


karen said...

it is very pretty hunni.
I'm not sure I have ever watched a doris day film I might have to see if I can find one now.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Ooooh lovely Rosali set!!! I got mine from Ebay too! Wish IKEA would reintroduce it!! They'd be onto a winner!!

Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx said...

Oh me gawd!!!! Double oh! I love the duvet and pillow cases, and boy do I love Doris day! Please don't eat the daisies, don't eat the daisies! Got lots of old movies, love them Suzie. xxx

Taz said...

The windy city is...mighty pretty ;)
As is the duvet cover :)

Patty said...

Oh what fun. It looks like you got some nice things!

Mandy said...

Fantastic to get such a bargain it is beautiful. I have the same one its lovely x

PinkLady said...

Lovely duvet set. I got some CK curtains the same way as they weren't described as CK. Ebay certainly does have some hidden gems. xx

MelMel said...

I LOVE Doris.....she is so pretty!

AND I love your bargain bedding....I'm just off to check out the CS and I'm wearing my new dress...happy day!xxx

Country Bliss said...

Oh well done that is a gorgeous duvet set.
Yvonne x

thesnailgarden said...

What a lucky find! I love Doris Day too, much to my childrens' disgust! She was always my Dad's favourite, so I was brought up on her films and songs. I have one of her CD's that I play in my car, but I'm only allowed to play it when my children aren't with me ;)
Best wishes, Pj x

Welcome to Cally's Cottage said...

Your halloween pictures/background is LOVELY!Well done on your bargains.
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

LissyLou said...

'The windy city is mighty pretty, but they ain't got what we got!'

Love that film!!!

Great buys ;)

MelMel said...

You have awards!x

Della said...

I love Doris Day...and Calamity Jane is the best movie ever!

made with love said...

What a lovely blog
Rachael xx