Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Sky is Falling........

Look at the pretty fluffy stuff falling from the sky!
I had to drive to work this morning, and it was so not funny. The roads were treacherous and on the way back from breakfast club my car did slide a bit, and I was only in 1st gear and being extremely sensible! But luckily I had a call this morning to say the school I work at in the afternoons is now shut and will be tomorrow too. Yippppeeeee.

So I'm sitting with a nice hot cuppa and reading through posts. Blimey you lot have been busy posting. Its taken me 2 hrs to read through it all.
So what to do now. I think a bit of sewing and a nice film on, as I'm still nursing a bad cold.
I think Phoebe has the right idea!

''Mum I'm staying put, ppppuuuuurrrr''.


MelMel said...

We have sun!
The garden looks so different form Monday!

I'm eating lunch with the wee one, got the laptop in the kitchen, showing the picture of the kitty to her!


solsticedreamer said...

it keeps stopping and starting here.
ohhh make the most of your unexpected free time :)

bex said...

lucky you!!! i wish the cinema would close because of the weather...then i wouldn't have to go to work this evening!! ohh well ive got the WHOLE weekend off so its only fair!!

bekimarie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Gorgeous goodies, I love them, you are so clever.
((Big big hugs))
Beki xxx

lou said...

We did have lots of snow, but we have had some rain and the snow is slowly going!
Cute cat!
Love Lou xxx

P.S now it is snowing!!!

Tea with Willow said...

Yes, Pixiedust, you're right - there's nothing quite like being tucked in by your Mum!!

Aah .. Phoebe looks so sweet there - I love the little bow shape on her nose!

Enjoy your snuggle time with her!

Willow x

Gem said...

lol cats always find the best place in the house to be!

Shabby Chick said...

Gorgeous pics, you've captured the falling snow so well.

From everything I've seen you've made your house beautiful just as it is without having to rely on what was there already. And don't worry, we have inherited plenty of bad things such as the dodgy carpets it took 18 months to replace and we have some pretty interesting artex patterns on some of the ceilings!!!

Mel xxx

LittleGem said...

Thanks, I am really enjoying your snow pictures too :) Lovely xxx

Jenn said...

Love the snow pictures...I miss it. I know I'm crazy since I live by the beach I should be happy, but I'm just not a beach girl :)
Loveing your blog and all the great pics.

bekimarie said...

My bedroom smells delicious, I have my little birdie hung on my twigs in there.
Funny thing is last night was the first night Jack slept in months (we had to put him back in with us as he was keeping poor Jess awake) and birdie was hanging over his cot.
Hmmm, now was it the lovely rose scent or magic fairy dust?

Big big ((hugs))
Beki xxx