Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Collector.......

I must admit to being a bit of a collector and hoarder of stuff! I have got a lot better, but anything termed by me as ''good stuff'' is kept and not given away, chucked out or sold. This is a pic of my cabinet in the lounge. I used to collect dragons and myth and magic stuff but tend not to now, with the exception of Windstone dragons which I adore, and I'm always on the lookout for a bargain.
I'm also a collector of artist bears, although not so many these days, but I still have a fair few indoors. They are dotted all over the house. I just love these miniature fairy bears, and the little witch and cat. The witch is only about 2 inches and the fairies about 3". I've made miniature bears and can tell you they are harder than the bigger bears to sew, its all the turning the seams which is so fiddly. So I leave the bear making to my sister in law, who makes a much better job of it.

This little cutie is one of my favourites. His name is hedgely and his head wobbles about, and he is just the cutest.

This is a windstone dragon and wizard mouse, I just love the colours.

Well I had the afternoon off yesterday and today, but yesterday I made this outfit for my bunny when I make her. I thought I'd do it in reverse and make the outfit before the bunny, as I didn't fancy sewing on the machine so sat and sewed this by hand in front of the TV. It won't look right until its on the bunny, What do you think of the colours? I don't normally do yellow.
I've had a bit of a tidy up indoors today, but theres just so much to do. Everywhere I look I see something else that needs doing, and my house is bugging me at the moment. It just doesn't look how I want it too in my head, so think I may be scouring e-bay later for a bargain. I've already got a gorgeous eiderdown in my watch list, but doubt I'll win it, they just seem to be going for so much money.
Update on the CK bag. For some reason my online order didn't go through so I rang them today and ordered the spray flowers bucket bag. I spoke to a lovely lady on the phone, and asked her to send me some CK fabric samples too. I also enquired when the messenger bag will be in stock and she seemed to think within a week or so. Apparently half the girls in the CK office are after that particular bag, so I bet they are snapped up super quick.
Blimey you can't shut me up today. So I'll poodle off now to sort out Mr Pixies dinner.
Pixie xxxxxxxxxx


claire said...

Hi there - your day was very busy :) Somedays I have to hand sew so I can watch the tellybox too !!I phoned up CK on Monday and they told me the messenger bag was in stock??? However I didn't order it as I had a wobble about spending the money on myself!!! Wobbles over now lol so hopefully they'll have one for me :) The girl on the phone told me the office girls had fallen in love with it too!!
ooh off to phone now see what they say...brb!!! :)

karen said...

awww those bears are sooo cute hunni
That rabbit's outfit is fab it's got a real spring time feel to it. I can't wait to see it on your rabbit.

Simone said...

The Windstone Dragon and Mouse are very striking in their colours. I have never seen these in the shops! I think yellow is a fine colour for your rabbit. Very springlike. With regards to not being happy with the house - well each room in my house needs a thorough sort out and clean up!

bekimarie said...

Great little collections!
My eldest son used to collect wizards.
The rabbit outfit is sweet, lovely spring colour, can't wait to see it on
Can you send me some more fairy dust please, I quite like having a full nights sleep 'he he'
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Sarahs Home said...

The Dragons are lovely. I like the colour for the Bunnys clothes they are refreshing at this dull time of the year, I cant wait for the spring now.
as for the house, well you should take a look at my place, there is literally stuff all over the place. i really need to have a sort out but have no ide where to start. Good Luck.
Sarah x

Shabby Chick said...

Those tiny teddies are gorgeous! I love little details like that.

I've got a load of eiderdowns on my watch list at the moment (I think I have 33 things on there at the moment... husband has given me a stern lecture about spending money!!!) but I keep hoping that the most amazing one will come up for about £5 or something... a girl can dream ;)

I absolutely love the bunny outfit, it reminds me of a little yellow outfit my girls used to wear, really springlike and fresh.

Mel xxx

Gem said...

Crikey! CK will have no stock left! Every blog I've read so far today is talking about their mail order service!!!

Love your dragon collection, I love anything like that. I did used to have a lot of faeries but some of them got lost / broken when I moved house :(

I've booked inside the house too :) Really looking forward to it :) xxx

sharie said...

Nice collections and the wizard mouse is gorgeous - I'd buy him too.

Hmm the dreaded CK. I'm a fan too but it so easy to spend too much with them (just got the catalouge through).... very tasty.

lou said...

Hedgely has got to be my favourite so cute!
Love Lou xxx

bex said...

hello! looks like you had a good afternoon off!! i love the little hedgehog. i made a monster for a swap yesterday and it got me thinking that i would love to be able to make soft toys in 3D rather than two pieces sewn well done to you!!

Rosesposes said...

Hedgeley is so cute, i can see why he is your favourite. You have quite a collection too !

Greedy Nan said...

Outfit for bunny is great - if you made it slightly [ha!ha!] larger I'd wear it ... and I don't usually do yellow either.
Did the idea come out one of the Tilda books? There's something very similar in one I have but of course I never get around to making it - just look and want ...

Pixiedust said...

Hi Greedy Nan, It is from one of the Tilda books, but I don't think they do people sized! lol. xxxx