Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My Pegrail is Finished...... EDIT

Here's my finished peg rail! Hubby made it, and I painted it. I've put a few bits on it, not sure if they'll stay there yet, I may still move things around. Its in my kitchen so is for practical items, like my apron, as well as pretties. Please ignore the decor, I really hate our kitchen, and would love a new one and have it all decorated. The kitchen is the original 80's one and we painted the walls yellow about 9 or 10 years ago. I loved it then, but hate it now. Our kitchen is more shabby, than chic, and my cafe net curtain could probably considered vintage by now!

I made this heart yesterday, using Laura Ashley BiBi fabric, with one of the vintage buttons I got on Sunday. It has a lovely rose scent, and I'm really pleased with it. I'm going to make some more of these and pop in my blog shop this week. I'm also making some more bunting. Its smaller and is for our bedroom.

Scrummy pancakes for tea tonight, can't wait. HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!
A plea to all my blogging friends. Does anyone have a fat quarter or similar size piece of orange or terracotta linen or linen mix fabric, that I could swap for another piece of fabric from my stash. I can't find any of this fabric anywhere.
Cheers My Dears......


Hollypop's said...

Very pretty heart. Your peg rail looks great with all its pretty things hanging on it.
Mmmmm pancakes......yum yum!!
Take care.

Shabby Chick said...

Sorry I can't help with the linen, I only have white :(

The shelf is lovely and I LOVE Bibi, can never see enough of that scrummy pattern. I got some when it came out and backed my daughter's quilt with it. Are those Tilda tins on the shelf? They're very cute. I hate my kitchen too, you aren't the only one!

Enjoy the pancakes :)

Mel xxx

thriftymrs said...

Cute peg rail. I'll check my fabric stash for you.

Simone said...

Your hubby and you did a great joint effort on the pegrail. You can't have too many places for hanging stuff can you?!!! The heart is very pretty too. 'fraid I can't help you with the fat quarter!

MelMel said...

Hi Pixie! thank you for joining my blog!

I love the pegrail...so pretty!xx

claire said...

I've got some orange...I think - not sure if its linen.....give me til tomorrow and I'll hunt it out (its in the basket of autumnal colours lol!!)

LittleGem said...

Lovely peg rail and pretties, and your heart is lovely - that fabric is so pretty. Are you planning on decorating your kitchen? Can we see? X

LittleGem said...

P.S Sorry can't help with the fabric xx

lou said...

Your peg rail is looking good!!!
I love the fabric you have used on your heart!
Sorry can’t help you with the fabric; I hope you have some luck.
I’m off too have my pancakes now, yummy,yummy…love Lou xxx

bex said...

lovely peg rail!! im sorry i dont think i have any terracota colour fabric...have you tried here (they have lots and lots of fabric www.eternalmaker.com)

Elaine said...

Flip, I just read this (smacks forehead) I cut up my terracotta fabric yesterday!!!
I will keep a lookout in my stash though, I'm hoping to find a bit more myself.

Love and blessings

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I so wish I could help you with the linnen!
But no! I don`t have any!
I will keep my eyes open to see if I can find some for YOU in the future!
Hope you enjoyed the pancakes!
Debbie Moss

Elaine said...

I actually cut up the fabric for goose legs, and I've just stuffed the first one. No features just but it still looks so cute.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Forgot to say, that I love the peg and how you decorated it, with all your pretties!
Debbie Moss

Tillybud said...

The peg rail turned out great -very pretty indeed!

MelMel said...

Its a clever camara angle...I'm only 5ft 4...hahahhahaha!

Bless me!


Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Pixie, your peg rail is lovely, very cute. Im sorry I cant help with your fabric search, Im afraid Im a paper crafter, but I would have sent you some if I had it.

I cant believe Ive found another Land Rover enthusiast. I wonder if yours are as rattly as Mr K's LOL! He said he wouldnt mind a 110 too....Oh No! Hes under strict instructions not to bring another one home until we have a decent car first. X

Rosesposes said...

Hi I love the peg rail it looks very pretty indeed.
By the way I am changing my blog to private can you send me your email so I can add you so you can still visit(if you want that is!)Only I will see the email so will be safe and secure x Dom

Kim said...

I love your little peg rail, it's so pretty, your hubby is very clever :) I have three different types of terracotta fabric, two with a slightly marbled pattern and one with a large diamond pattern. What size do you need?

Kim x