Friday, 20 February 2009

Are you Coffee or Tea?

You Are Tea

You are mellow and reflective. You don't allow yourself to feel in a rush and frenzied.

You're likely to appreciated the ideas or connections that come up over a warm cup of tea.

While you do enjoy the energy of a caffeine boost, you love that it allows you to take a break.

You're not in a rush to do anything. You're content with your life, and in no rush to change it.


Lavender hearts said...

Hi Pixie!

WE did look at a few places with acres of land, down towards Hasting and Herstmonceux, where it's still very cheap and very rural, but we realised to live that kind of life you'd have to virtually have no mortgage and be self sufficient. We now have plans to buy a plot of land or a piece of forest! Perhaps you could do the same?

Sian x

Greedy Nan said...

I was also tea which is strange because I tend only to drink one cup a day and that's when I first wake up. The rest of the day is coffee [and definitely NEVER the instant variety]. And they're always decaf whatever I'm drinking ...

MelMel said...

Hi hun!

I'm a tea girl...never can get these things to load on my blog!

Have super weekend!xxx

Josie-Mary said...

I'm a tea girl for sure :) x

Kim said...

Ooooh, Pixie! I've had a blogtastic time browsing what you've been up to lately :) Next time you plan a visit to Petersfield, give me a shout and I'll meet you there for coffee and a browse round Laura Ashley. Did you find the crystal shop on Sheep Street? I'll show you where it is if you don't already know it.

Your tea party looked fabulous :)

Kim x

Blueberry Heart said...

I'm definitley a tea! dont drink it at work but the kettle is never off when at home. Preferrably a nice strong Earl Grey, and with one of those iced buns would be rather nice too!!

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

tea for me too!