Sunday, 30 May 2010

Domestic Goddess Giveaway

Greetings ladies! Thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterdays post, I was surprised by how many of you had had a similar experience with the Royal Mail. After a whole bar of galaxy and a few glasses of vino I felt much better :o).

I have recently been chatting with my new friend Michele from Mamabug about cleaning, organising and how a domestic goddess I ain't. Thankfully she sympathizes completely and often feels the same. So I thought why not have a giveaway with a domestic goddess theme. All you have to do is leave a comment with either a domestic goddess tip for me or a domestic goddess disaster that's happened to you. If you pop my giveaway button on your blog you will also get entered into the laundry basket twice.

I'm hoping this will spur me on to pull up my marigolds and get on with it. lol

I'm on holiday next week, so last chance to enter will be 12th June dads birthday. I will pick the winner on the 13th. Good luck folks.


Saturday, 29 May 2010


Having one of those days today? I sure am. Remember these goodies, which are my fabric swap goodies for Victoria Plum. Well it would seem the good old Royal Mail have lost the parcel :o(. I must say I'm completely gutted. There are some handmade goodies in there for Olivia which I spent a lot of time creating. I just hope somehow the parcel turns up and is re-delivered to Olivia or is sent back to me. Otherwise I will have to start again. I'm so cross.

I also finished my International Tilda swap parcel today and took to the post office. All prettily wrapped and carefully packaged up, and handed over to the lady behind the counter who told me it would cost £30 to send. *********how much!!!! I nearly hyperventilated. She told me it would be cheaper to split the parcel and send more than one package. So off home I went undid all my brown paper and parcel tape handiwork and started again. I actually removed something from the parcel. Re-packaged and took back to the post office. This time it cost a little over £10, a lot better than £30.

I'm consoling myself with a bar of galaxy cookie crumble choccy at the moment, and listening to the rain. Sorry this is such a moany post, but I needed to let of steam.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Swap is now closed, your partners are:-

Afternoon folks, I hope everyone is tickety boo and enjoying the sunshine. I'm overwhelmed at the response to this swap, especially as there are so many other swaps going on in blog land at the moment. Strawberries must be a big favourite with you everyone. Now to the important bit........drum roll please...............your swap partners are..........................................

  1. Linny and Justine (justine please contact me for linny's e-mail)


Phew.....I think that's everyone. If I've missed anybody please let me know. I've created a Flickr Group so you can post some pictures of all the lovely goodies you receive. It would be lovely if everyone can see what was made all in one place.

So all you need to do now is contact your swap partners to exchange details, get crafty and aim to have your parcel of goodies with your swap partner by 30th June 2010.

If you have any problems please message me at

Have fun

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Spot of Gardening

What a beautiful day its been today. The sun hasn't stopped shining here and it's been lovely and warm. I did a spot of shopping with my mother in law yesterday, mainly for plants. I got some nice ones for my hanging baskets, including some dwarf sweet peas which I never seem to be able to find usually. I also bought an English Lavender pictured below which smells divine. The lovely french lavender pictured above I bought on Sunday when my mum and me had a look around some garden centres. I couldn't resist the pretty flowers. Mum got lots of plants for her garden including a really pretty broom for the border. We even had a coffee and a cake in the tea rooms. In fact a lovely day all round. today I planted up the two lavenders and some sweet peas into the two large pots that sit outside our front door. These pots had horrible bushes in before. They looked really scraggy and were pot bound so hubby dug them out yesterday to make way for my planting today. A big improvement I think, once they get going it should add a splash of colour to the front and will smell lovely, not to mention how pleased the bees and butterflies will be :o)

I also planted up my two hanging baskets. They don't look much at the moment but they should get going soon.

I  had a big clear up in the border along the fence, much tidier now. Did have a bit of a backache once I'd finished but I'm pleased that it's done. It was lovely pottering outside with the bird's singing and the sun on my back.

These are last weeks flowers from Tesco still looking beautiful. They make me smile every time I walk past.
Another task completed today was my Fabric Addict swap goodies for Victoria Plum, which will be posted tomorrow.  

Thought I'd tease you with a pic of the wrapped presents :o)

I did attend the car booty on Sunday, but it was a bit naff really. I did get some pretty china from one stall for the grand total of £1.50 for the lot. But that is all unfortunately. I think I like the little vase the best.

I seem to be into strawberries at the moment, can you tell? lol

This brings me nicely on to my strawberry swap. I'm overwhelmed by how many lovely ladies want to take part, what a great turnout. There is still time to sign up for the swap if you'd like to take part just leave a comment here

Well off to settle down ready to watch Vampire Diaries the best programme of the week.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Cath K Scrumminess.....

Well I have been a naughty little Pixie today. After work this morning I took myself off to Winchester to Cath Kidston to spend the 15% off voucher that was in Easy Living Magazine. I got some lovely stuff. A couple of pieces are not in the pics as they are destined for swaps.
Some beautiful fabric was purchased 1/2 metre of the new prairie flowers cotton duck, strawberries cotton duck and cotton haberdashery strawberry fabric. (yep I may use the strawberry fabric in my swap, not sure on what yet though)

I've been admiring all the lovely wrapping of swap parcels in blogland, so I finally got myself this book of stickers and labels for my parcels. (I don't know about you but I think stickers are quite exciting ;o)

Two sheets of very pretty wrapping paper. I love the fact they they are double sided.

A flour sifter, I use my hand to sprinkle flour on the worktop when I'm baking at the moment, but I always end up with big lumps. Now I shall have a fine dusting! A lovely new mug. I did have trouble choosing which one to get. Last but not least the flask that I've been drooling over in the catalogue, I think they only had another one left in the shop. I also wanted the food covers, but they were unfortunately sold out ;o(. Perhaps I'll try online for them

I did finish some sewing for the fabric addict swap yesterday, nearly there with that one now. Today I have some sewing to do for the Tilda swap, I think my swap partners a bit further along than me, so better get my but into gear. Thanks for the comments in my last post, it would seem we have a lot of spaniel fans out there! Well better drink my brew before it gets cold and get on with some sewing and housework :o(.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things that made me smile today

Things that are making me smile today are:- These gorgeous pink and white lisianthus from tesco. They look so pretty.

Tulips and a bit of sewing

The Clematis in bloom in the garden

My Littlest boy Beau

Playing in the garden with his pork chop chewy

Both my mad boys, playing in the garden (Goodness me look at the state of that lawn)

And what you've all been waiting for a picture of me.........................

ooohhh don't I look gruesome.

Thanks to all those lovely people who've already signed up for my strawberry swap, we already have lots of people joining in the fun, I'm really looking forward to it. Also I'd like to say a big hello to all the lovely new bloggers who've become followers friends of my blog, welcome to my mad little world.

Off to carry on with that sewing now.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Strawberry Swap

Two posts in one day! I've been thinking about doing this swap for a while, and since we are fast approaching strawberry season, I thought I'd just get on and do it. I know there are a few swaps going on in blogland at the moment. I'm signed up for three myself. So I thought I'd give you peeps about two weeks to sign up for this if you'd like to join in, with parcels aiming to arrive with their swap partners by the end of June.

The rules:-

  • Anything bought or handmade that is strawberry themed.

  • A minimum of five items, at least one handmade

  • Aim to have your parcels with your swap partner by the end of June
The closing date to enter is 26th May 2010.

Can you please say if you are happy to post abroad on your comment, then I can pair you up accordingly.

So we can get lots of people joining in, feel free to paste my button on your blog.



Morning folks! Want to see what goodies the posty bought me yesterday? ......OK, you've twisted my arm, I'll show you lol. I recently took part in Mollycupcakes Spring Swap and was partnered with Vintage Girl, here are the lovely goodies she sent me........
Firstly, I lurve the wrapping, lots of pretty CK paper.
Inside the paper this gorgeous Union Jack tin contained all this!

Two booti-full Cath Kidston egg cups
A very pretty handmade note book, vintage looking floral bangle and CK tissues.
Four brilliant hand knitted egg cosies which smell wonderful and a gorgeous flower brooch. Thanks Lisa you've really spoiled me, I love it all. xxxx

Here's the goodies I sent Vintage Girl.

And Now I thought I'd show you some goodies I purchased yesterday. This pack of tea towels and mug from Tesco. (Matches my lovely swap tin)

A very cute folder and notebooks, also from Tesco.

And some pretty storage boxes from Veals. I thought the doll ones were really unusual.

Well off to do some cleaning now folks.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

A bit of this and that

Evening folks, the title of this post says it all really, a bit of this and that! Firstly I'd like to show you what goodies I got at the Range last Sunday. The photo holders above looked so pretty on display some just happened to jump into my basket. I think they look lovely on the dressing table.
The second thing to hop in my basket when I wasn't looking was this folding trio of shabby chic frames which match the room perfectly, or they will when its finished :o)
These pretty shabby chic rose hooks hopped in next, and are now displaying some of my Cath Kidston bags. I did get a couple of other things but can't show you yet, as they are for a swap.
Now do you remember those redoute prints I bought at the car booty. Well I took them out of those horrible gold frames and ta dah................

Nice new prints for my shabby chic room.
Now another mini makeover. I bought this lamp base at a car booty last year for 50p (bargain). Last weekend I rubbed it down and painted it antique white and added a new lampshade, and walla.....
a nice new lamp for the room too.

I thought I'd be naughty and tease my swap partner Vintage Girl. These are her goodies for the spring swap, organised by molly cupcakes,  all wrapped up and will be posted tomorrow.

I hope you have all managed to get your hands on a copy of Easy Living Magazine. It has a free Cath Kidston bag and catalogue with this months edition with a 15% off voucher for Cath Kidston. The voucher code is ELMG if you want to order online.
Lastly I'll leave you with a pic of the flowers I bought at tesco on Tuesday, I thought they were lovely. Well I told you it would be a bits and pieces post. Right now I'm off to do anything I can to avoid listening to the general election.