Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things that made me smile today

Things that are making me smile today are:- These gorgeous pink and white lisianthus from tesco. They look so pretty.

Tulips and a bit of sewing

The Clematis in bloom in the garden

My Littlest boy Beau

Playing in the garden with his pork chop chewy

Both my mad boys, playing in the garden (Goodness me look at the state of that lawn)

And what you've all been waiting for a picture of me.........................

ooohhh don't I look gruesome.

Thanks to all those lovely people who've already signed up for my strawberry swap, we already have lots of people joining in the fun, I'm really looking forward to it. Also I'd like to say a big hello to all the lovely new bloggers who've become followers friends of my blog, welcome to my mad little world.

Off to carry on with that sewing now.



Cheap2Chic said...

Gorgeous dogs! I have stopped giving my dog chews as she goes straight into the garden and buries them with the intention of digging them up when they're all green and slimy!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Loving the flowers, they are gorgeous!! Your dogs are sweet!!

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Pixie,

Thanks v much for joining my giveaway and putting up a link, wish I'd done a better pic!!!

Your dogs are really cute and those flowers are just gorrrrgeous :)

mel xxx

Margriet said...

I like flowers, they brighten your home. Your dogs are very sweet! I've also been busy with your swap-package. But it remains a surprise till May 31! :-)
I wish you a nice weekend,


clare said...

Gorgeous pic's of your the jug you've got them in!
And those gorgeous pic's of your dog(bichon frise)is called Beau..i sooo love this name!
Thanks for sharing your pic's
Clare xx

dosierosie said...

I love your dogs, don't worry about the lawn, You should see the hole that appeared in mine the other day.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Springers are lovely... we had a lovely liver and white springer called Duchess when I was growing up...
and I love what you've done with your hair... what kinda skin care regime are you using these days? looking good! ;D

I have just bought a wall vase... so I am going to start hanging vases of flowers everywhere! lol

x Alex

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh my beau has grown!
little flynt is growing like a weed and still truing to eat everything in the garden but he is getting better~slowly!
please tell me the biting things will pass soon!!!