Monday, 19 April 2010

Thrifty Finds

What a gorgeous day it is here. The sun is shining it's lovely and warm outside, so after work this morning I took the dogs on a lovely 2hr walk in the forest. They are both tuckered out pooches now, well for a couple of hours at least :o)

Yesterday was even warmer than today and was beautiful. In the morning I went to a car boot sale with my SIL. Its only a small one up the road and I hadn't visited this car booty since last year. It was smaller than I remembered, but I managed to find some bargains. The first was this pretty little mini oil lamp bought for £1 and this pretty colclough jug for 50p that will match the other colclough pieces I have.
Next I found this box of candle making supplies, the whole lot for £2. Bargain! I was looking for some wax before Xmas and it was sssoooo expensive. Here I have two boxes of the stuff, lots of moulds, wicks, colours, and instructions.
Next I found this pretty little Peter Rabbit money box milk churn tin for £1, so sweet. A leather bound bronte sisters novel for £2

A selection of boys annuals from the late 50's, 60's and early 70's.
And this very pretty rose china brooch with matching earrings. In perfect condition. They belonged to the ladies nan, and were a bargain too.
And this brand new box set of J R R Tolkiens Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, they've never even been read. The box set retails at £34.99 and I paid £1 :o)

I'm planning to list some of the items on e-bay, you never know, I may make some money for craft supplies!

After the car booty My hubby and I visited chesapeake mill, my favourite place and J Adore Le Maison  to look at all the shabby chic vintagyness, lovely, and only bought a little something for a swap parcel, so I was a good girl. We then had a lovely drive in the country and spotted lots of houses that we'd love to live in, the day was finished off with steak and chips for tea yummy.
I forgot to show you this in my last post, I bought it at the Range a couple of weeks ago, its a peanut feeder shaped like a strawberry, I thought it was so cute. I still haven't put the nuts in it yet though.

I keep forgetting to say a BIG HELLO, to all my new followers, its lovely to meet you all, I do hope you leave a comment and say hello.

Have a lovely sunny afternoon folks


10 comments: said...

Goodness me! Waht a lot of goodies there.. I love the feeder, it is so hard to find nice ones. A lot of mine need replacing now, the birds have pecked them to death! suzie xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Lots of lovely bargins. What a great find the box of candle making supplies was. And a great Bronte book too. Loved the little tin as well.

Its great when you have perfect sunny days like that isn't it.

Hope you have a great week.


Cally's Cottage said...

How funny-I have just bought the same set of Tolkein books- unread too..but I paid £2.00 so you did better than me!Ooh I LOVE the candle making kit- it is on my to do list but as you say the supplies can be a bit expensive.
Brilliant bargains well done!
Have a happy week,
Cally x

A Country Girl said...

Look forward to seeing your candle making - I have just bought some stuff from ebay but have yet to find time to do anything with it.

Isobel said...

Love all your findings specially the little oil lamp.
Awww, that strawberry feeder is gorgeous!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What great finds!

Mimi and Tilly said...

That strawberry feeder is gorgeous. I have feeders in the garden that are being given a run for their money by the birds out there. My garden seems to have collected a flock of hooligan sparrows! They fly past the bedroom window and taunt my cats! Your booty finds are fab. I love the rose earrings and brooch. So pretty. Em xxx

Kelly said...

What lovely bits! That box of candle making stuff was a brilliant find!!

MamaBug said...

What lovely finds! I am desperate to go to a car booty sale!!! We have had sunshine here as well! Love the little creamer the pretty!

Margriet said...

You've made a real success! The books of The Lord of the Rings and the Bronte sisters are very beautiful. The Peter Rabbitbox is sweet. The jug, brooche and earrings are beautiful also, and not expensive! And the box of candles-make-stuff: what a find! It may be a small market, but you still found quite a few nice things!!

Best wishes,