Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A make for me and bootsale bargains

Hi Folks, thought I would put a few pics on here of my latest make, finished today, and this one is all for me! I've been SEW busy lately making things for swaps and an order that I thought it was about time I made something for me, especially as my sewing mojo is back in force at the moment and I know at some point I'll lose it again. :o)
This Flower Garden Tilda angel is from Tilda's Summer Ideas I'm loving this latest little booklet, its so full of eye candy.
Sorry for so many pics, but I was so pleased with how she turned out and couldn't decide on which pics to use.

Here's the pic of what she looks like in the Tilda's Summer Ideas book.

Now look at these lovely ribbons that arrived in the post this week from Patch, they are lovely thanks so much Claire.

On Sunday being as it was such a lovely day my sister in law and I ventured to the car booty, to see what bargains we could pick up. And for once I found some.
I got this gorgeous pair of curtains which look very Cath Kidston but are from mini Boden. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy the quilt cover too, but I'd already spent a lot. I have them hanging in the little bedroom.
And you never find CK at a bootsale, but I did on Sunday, I got this lovely Travel Wallet. I can spot a bit of CK from 50 yards, so this was nabbed before anyone else got the chance. I also got two Fat Face tops and an Animal top for hubby which look great on him, so Sunday proved to be a good day for bargains.

I've signed up for a couple more swaps so will be busy making for them soon, but I'm going to try and fit in a little more sewing for me too. I fancy making a cushion next I think. Well that's all for now, off to wash up.


OOHH just had a thought, doe's anyone know how to get your signature at the bottom of your posts? I've seen it on a few blogs and would love to know how its done. xxx

EDIT. Thanks Emma


Isobel said...

I love your angel and I am amazed that you found CK in a boot sale. Lucky thing!
The curtains look lovely too!

vintage girl said...

Lovely angel! lucky you finding such great finds at the car boot. Lisa x

Lynda said...

Oooh Pixie, your Flowergarden Angel is lovely! I loved making it and hope you did too. I am just about to add another Tilda lovely to my blog so come and have a look. Well done for the CK find too. Lynda xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Love your Tilda angel, she is adorable!

Kelly said...

I love your angel you are quite right to keep her!

MamaBug said...

She is such a beautiful angel!!! She is on my list to try and make as well!

Love the CK stuff you have....wish they sold that here!

A Country Girl said...

Lovely Tilda angel!
And CK at a carboot? How lucky are you?

a mermaids purse said...

how beautiful is the tilda style doll...woweee yours looks picture perfect! you must be so pleased with her- sometimes its nice just to create something for yourself ;0) she's stunning and i love her sitting by your dressing table- how sweet. Ive seen that signiture application on alot of blogs im really interested in finding out how you add it too?. best wishes x

Mimi and Tilly said...

Hello Pixie, your angel is just gorgeous! I love her little belt! And your car booty finds are fab! I'm dreaming about the day I go to a car booty and find a CK kingsize quilt for five pounds! To make a signature go to the website mylivesignature.com and design your text following the instructions and then copy and paste the html text into the add a gadget part of your blog layout section (choosing "add html"), or whichever part of your blog you want to add it to. I added my signature to the top of my blog and then just copy and paste the html code of that gadget into the html code of my blog post each time I write one. If you need any help, let me know. Emma x