Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sewing Some Cath Kidston

I bet your thinking not another post! I go a month with no posts and now lots! As the sewing bug has hit Pixie towers, I thought it was about time I made the bag that accompanies Cath Kidston's Sew! I've had the book since before Christmas and I keep looking at the bag kit included thinking I must make that; and then putting it off until another day.
But today I got around to making it. I've only ever made one bag before so this was a bit of a change for me.
 Me being me though, I decided to make some changes to make it more usable. I had some lovely red with white spot globaltex fabric in my stash which I used to line it, and make it more substantial.

 I also decided to stitch on the straps to make it stronger and just use the side buttons as a detail.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out, its so small and cute, but I can still get all the essentials in it and still have room for more.
 Now time to show you what goodies the postie bought today. I have been a little naughty and ordered a few bits from Panduro hobby. First some lime fabric and some seaside buttons. oooppps forgot to rotate the pic.
 And some papercraft items which are just too pretty for words. Can't wait to use these. I think they'll be making an appearance in future swaps.
I had a great idea for another swap today, but I won't host it just yet as I know there have been a lot running at the moment and I'm sure you could all do with a break from swaps for a while.

Just a short post today, off to cook hubby's tea now.



VintageVicki said...

I still haven't made my bag up! I must make the effort though as its perfect for spring :)

Kissed by an Angel said...

You made a fabulous job of the bag!! i love it!!!

Emma said...

The bag looks great, well done you...x

LaaLaa said...

It's all lovely Pixie. Well done! Ooh, yes please, more swappage! xxx

LaaLaa said...

It's all lovely Pixie! Oh yes please, more swaps!! xxx

Kelly said...

Grets job on the bag! Love the lining!
Always up for a swap, good idea to sit on it a while though :)
Oh now I'm all excited!!!!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Gorgeous bag! I love the polka dot lining. It really zings it up! And sewing the handle on is inspired. Emma xxx

MamaBug said...

LOVE the bag! Great job! I have been debating if I should buy that book to get the kit or make the Heather Bailey bag I have been wanting....decisions decisions.....I LOVE those stickers! Are they Tilda? We have none of here things here...such as those adorable little crowns.....I am going to check your link to see if I can have those shipped!

Happy Sewing!

MamaBug said...

Well it seems the decision has been made for me....there are no new copies on amazon and ppl are selling it for $77!!! Yikes!