Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Saturday......

It was one of those days when you wanted to just stay in the house and vegetate but alas theres no food. Yep I haven't been a very good housewife of late and although I had a veg box delivered on Friday, I haven't actually done a ''proper'' ( as hubby calls it) supermarket shop in about 3 weeks. ''So what are we having for lunch'' he asks this morning before he took the dogs out, to which I replied ''I don't know, theres nothing in the cupboards''. He left with the dogs and I was left feeling like a failure that I hadn't anything in to feed him with. And then a light bulb moment. I still had a Hokido squash from last weeks veg box, so I managed to rustle up a very scrummy (if i do say so myself) squash and lentil soup. I even found some rolls in the freezer which I quickly defrosted and warmed in the oven. Now that's what I call a lunch. But I didn't stop there.

I proceeded to make a Victoria sponge (with only slightly out of date margarine) and homemade strawberry jam from last summer. yyyyyyuuuuummmmm.

This afternoon, I treated myself to a slice of cake and a cuppa.

Whilst having a good old look through some of my spring/summer themed Tilda books for ideas. I have ideas a plenty and tonnes of things I want to make but............i never seem to get my bottom (being polite) into gear and get on with anything. Like dear old Mary Poppins my middle name is procrastination, and I ssssooooo hate being like it. I really do my own head in on a daily basis. Any tips of how to gain some motivation would be greatly appreciated. Any how....the cake and tea were scrummy.

In fact I polished the slice off rather quickly. One minute I was reading my pattern book and the next minute an empty plate???? surly I didn't eat all that did I????

Well apparently I did, as you can see from Woody's not to happy with mummy for not giving me any expression on his face.

Well I even performed another miracle this evening and produced dinner without going shopping. Will have to get some shopping in tomorrow though.....I've run out of wine.

Well off to do a bit of Internet surfing and procrastinating.


Pixie xxxxx


made with love said...

I am just smiling at your book there, I have all of those but the top one.
Your cake looks scrummy and I am not surprised there was none left for poor Woody. The soup looks yummy too by the way. No wine then shopping is a must!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Rachael XX

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

who needs shopping when you have cake :-)
those books are fab i think i have a couple of them .... and one of my favourite ways to procrastinate is to browse the pages but never get round to making anything :-D
Lesley x

Yarrow said...

Pixie, look up 'The Artist's Way' on Amazon. A bit too much bible referring for my taste, but I substitute God with Universe and it helps!

The shop we found is in Baker's Lane which is so tiny that I had no idea it was there until today. It's almost opposite the open air bookshop, but I can't remember the name of the road that's in. Baker's Lane opens into the Waitrose Car park and has the Blacksmith's Daughter on the corner of it. It would be great to meet up and go shopping for pretties together :) said...

You sound so much like me, I can sling together a meal when I really need to. it is amazing what you can do! I love it! I love homemade soup! I bet you were flavour of the month! suzie xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I made a fabulous soup from a squash and I loved it... the rest of the family were not impressed... it was quite dissapointing... so I got a freezer and the next time I make some its all mine... apparently they like lumpy soup not creamed... lol

your thrown together meals look wonderful, well done you... I hate supermarket shopping they are such souless places.. luckily enough I have my pick of home delivery... I am more than willing to pay the delivery charge for the sheer pleasure of not going into them..;D

That cake is amazing... I really must try harder, I can never get them too rise... oven too hot perhaps or maybe I need only just out of date marg!lol


Yarrow said...

ps, I forgot to mention how lovely that cake looked and Woody's expression was sooo doleful!

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh woody look at that little dejected face!

btw we have been discussing getting a springer puppy next year :) its way too soon now after losing our beloved cody (four weeks today :( ) but we can talk about it!

Sal said...

I have a passion for I quietly ate yours whilst you were not looking...along with a slice of your sponge!

Joanne said...

I think you have done extremely well, considering you had no food in.
I to am my worse own enemy when it comes to getting things done, but I did get Lily's skirt done and I was really pleased with it.

After visiting your blog the other day I popped across to The Fat Quater shop a bought a copy of the Tilda summer ideas book, it arrived yesterday and I love it.

Perhaps we should egg each other on to get something made from the book.

Joanne x

A Country Girl said...

Great cake - did Woody get a crumb or two?

Mary Poppins said...

You are a lovely lady after my own heart, you know what, why don't we embrace our procrastination, see her as our lovely friend and be as one :0)
He He, thats my dreamy idea anyway. Love the books and the cake, I think I shall get the Springtime one, when I get round to it he he


Shabby Chick said...

Mmm the soup and cake look delicious, I am making the same face as the dog right now ;)

Motivation is a funny thing, I either spend the day doing nothing or I want to do everything right NOW!!!

Mel xxx

Cally's Cottage said...

Mmm, squash soup is one of my favourites,love it with pepper and chilli too - warming but sweet tasting too....
Homemade cakes always seem to be a bit of a treat don't they?I often make carrot cake and kid myself it is healthier as I am having part of my 5 a day!
Hope the wine reserves are restocked..
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Pomona said...

It all looks jolly nice to me - I think I am going to get baking this weekend - you have inspired me!

Pomona x