Friday, 19 June 2009

The Week in Pictures......

Sorry folks, been AWOL again. Just can't keep up with my blog at the moment. But i seems a few fellow bloggers feel the same, I think its just that time of year. I've got a horrible head cold this week, so yesterday after my morning shift at work I just wanted to crash on the sofa, so I thought I'd have a go at drawing. I haven't drawn anything since I was at school, but was inspired by some friends at the weekend to have a go again. So out came my pencils and drawing pad, and I drew a picture of Woody. I finished it last night.

I'm pleased with it, all though I'm sat here criticising it now....... I think I will practice some more, either another pic of Woody or one of the cat.

Last weekend I met up with some lovely people from the CL forum in Devon. We ate cake, drank tea and swapped a few bits and pieces and had a lovely time.

I swapped one of my angels for Kims beautiful goddess and salt pig that she'd made................such a clever lady!

I also came home with a squash plant, a lily, some seeds and a couple of books.
Whilst talking to Kim at the weekend, she also recommended Kate Rusby, as I love folk music. I had to get onto Amazon and order this ASAP. Its FAB, and its been on in my car all week, will have to get some more of her music.

UMMM What else have I done..........I made hob nobs.....................

Vanilla Sugar.......................

Homemade Custard ice cream, which is the scrummiest ice cream I've ever tasted.

And this chocolate cake which was taken to the forum gathering last weekend.

I hope you've had a good week, and roll on the weekend.


LissyLou said...

Great drawing and mmmmm how do you make Custard ice cream? x

rachel the krafty girl said...

oh my,that cake looks delicious

Sarahs Home said...

Hello, nice to see you blogging. I know what you mean about the lack of posts, to be quite honest I just cant be bothered most of the time to write one ( I still read others though).. The picture of woody is fab, match stick men, cats and dogs are more my standard. LOL... Would you be willing to share the recipe for the custard ice cream it sounds yummy... please please please..
Take care,

Sarah x

MelMel said...

Sounds like you had a super time!
The cake looks so yummy!xxx

LissyLou said...

Theres something on my blog for you xx

bex said...

wow! you have been busy!

Thecraftytrundler said...

That's a lovely pic of WOODY! Didn't realise you were an artist as well!
That choccy cake looks divine, and I'm another one that would like to know the recipe for custard ice cream, I love custard!!!!
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

Sarahs Home said...

Hmm after I had left my last comment I was looking through a cook book for a recipe and came across the recipe for the ice cream, shows how long it has been since I picked up a cook book. I have lost my cooking mojo recently and have not really been cooking anything of interest. I really must start as I probably have 40 plus cook books. Lol..

Sarah x

Kim said...

Your drawing looks great, Pixie and so does the ice cream, mmmmm! I hope the squash grows well, as I've had a few disasters with mine, and I'd hate for them to be lost altogether.

Speak soon

Kim x

purplepaint said...

Your drawings are gorgeous!!! Beautiful work!