Sunday, 28 December 2008

No more Turkey Please.....

Look at the great solstice gift I received from my friend Sharon, isn't it great. Shes really worked hard and put a lot of thought into her presents. She made a few different hampers for solstice/Christmas presents. Mine contained home made sloe gin and rose hip syrup, home made green tomato and apple chutney, an orange studded with cloves and home made aura cleansing oil and a bag of homemade marshmallows and the river cottage 2009 diary in a lovely basket. What more could a girl ask for. Thanks Mate. xxx ( I did sample the sloe gin before the pic hic hic).
Well we had a homemade turkey and leek pie for dinner last night and we will be having the same tonight. I have a freezer full of turkey stock and turkey in stock for stews. We had turkey Xmas day, and boxing day and have eaten numerous turkey and stuffing sandwiches, but thank god after tonight no more turkey for a bit. that's what you get when you buy a 5kg bird. It was from the farm shop and cost a fortune so I wasn't going to waste a bit. Well tomorrow night I have my sister in law and brother in law for dinner and no turkey. So what are we Will I ever learn.
We had a lovely walk around the nature reserve this morning. Jack frost had been out in force and it was rather chilly. But I did enjoy hearing the ground crunching under my feet, and Woody really enjoyed the huge stick he found. I remembered this morning that its soon Seville Orange time so will definitely be making some marmalade this year as I missed it last year, so watch this space.
Have a good day all. xxx


nita x said...

wow on your solstice gift, your friend must know you well :o)

your pie looks nice too, we dont have turkey anymore as paul doesnt like it, but i do miss it with pies,soups, fricasse and of course curried Lol.

Gem said...

Your friend must have put a lot of thought and time into that gift :) Homemade gifts are great :) xxx

MelMel said...

Hi there, sick of turkey!

Made a veggie chillie tonight, just wht i needed!

So how are you today?

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely hamper what a good idea !!
also fed up of turkey and will not eat it again till ooooo let me see..... next christmas ???
Lesley x

cinnamon cottage said...

Hi Pixie I would like to give you an award ...just pop over to my blog if you would like to accpt it...hope you had a wonderful xmas happy new year Jan xx