Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Cake....

Well, feeling a lot better but still not right. We're both still not eating very much and feel tired and drained, but had to go back to work on Wednesday as neither of us get sick pay and we couldn't afford anymore time off. Thanks for all the get well messages. I did force myself to get the cake made tuesday late afternoon , but had to get Mr Pixie to stir it a bit, as didn't have the energy. Fruit cakes bloomin hard to mix up.
Anyway here it is before it goes in, it did smell nice and should be nice and moist.

and here it is after it had cooked and cooled. Its now wrapped in foil in a tin, for a while until I get around to marzipan it. I hope it tastes as good as last years.

Here's a pic of phoebe curled up with one of my bears. Its the first time I've ever spotted her sat here, shes normally a creature of habit.
I've made a start on the Xmas decorations and should have the tree finished tomorrow. When everythings done and cleaned up, I will put some pics on here, especially the pics of the freezer unit and sideboard that hubby's made for the dining room.
Catch you later folks.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly Pixie. We've been hit by all kinds of bugs and colds lately. Make sure you get plenty of rest when you can, otherwise it's worse in the long run.

The cake looks scrummy :)

Kim x

Leanne said...

glad to see you are on the mend Pixie, that cake looks good!!

leanne x

solsticedreamer said...

glad you are feeling better pd :)

the cake looks good sister makes ours every year and i have been told she added extra honey and brandy this year!

...your john denver/muppet songs~i have the album from many moons ago!!! i love it!