Thursday, 2 December 2010

Woofing in a Winter Wonderland

 Well here it is the obligatory snow post! How exciting it was when I woke up to a rather a lot of snow, about 8 inches in places I think. Well I was excited until it dawned on me that I had to drive to work in it this morning. So I got up a little earlier than usual and got myself ready for work. Listened to the local radio and was logged on online to check traffic and weather reports. They all said to only venture out if it is an emergency. I work as a playworker in a breakfast club so was waiting to here if the school was closed. But although most of the local schools had decided to close, the school I work at hadn't made a decision arrrrgggg. So I phoned my boss and she decided that it was too dangerous to go to work today, so today is a snow day whooopppeee.
 The dogs have been driving me mad all day. They constantly want to be out in the garden playing in the white stuff. Woody my older springer is far more into the white stuff than Beau pictured above. They have been pushing it along with their noses and hiding the ball in it. I had such fun watching them from the warmth of the lounge :0)

 This is how much snow was nestled on the shed this morning, but we've had more since then.

 It looks so pretty!

Look at this poor little bird nest in the tree, I hope there arent any inhabitants.

My snow day has flown by, and I haven't really done a thing. I've browsed the Internet, looked through some craft books and I've drunk copious amounts of tea, to keep warm. After tea tonight though hubby's taking me for a snowy drive in the landy :o)

Now, as my blog has been a little neglected these past few months I hadn't shown you all my recent-ish Cath Kidston purchases so here they are.
 I'm loving theses tins especially the book sewing tins. I just need the button one now to complete the collection.
I also fell in love with these espresso cups. I love the pastel loveliness. All I need now is an espresso machine to make a decent coffee to drink out of them.

Well I hope you've all had a great snow day, keep warm.



LaaLaa said...

Lovely pics Pixie! I'm loving the snow too. The CK is all lovely. I've asked Santa for the book tin set. Hope you're OK, lovely. Lynda xxx

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

Gorgeous dogs. :-D

Emma-Jayne said...

Aw your dogs look lovely in the snow. My downstairs neighbour has the same type of dog and the snow in our back yard comes up to his tummy.
I was loving the snow last week but the metre of we have is not funny now hehe :) x

dosierosie said...

I love the photo's, my dogs love the snow as well, I just don't like drying them off afterwards.

Poppy said...

Hello, I’m really sorry about your Nan!

Love all the pictures, Poppy has had so much fun today, she is now fast asleep.

Lou xxx

emma bear forever said...

Lovely snowy pics - your dog's are gorgeous little fellas :0)

I spotted those tins a while back in John Lewis, did hint to hub's but not sure if he will remember x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Great snow pics, we've not been so lucky here and have only had a light dusting :(. Lovely CK buys too, you have great taste :) x

MelMel said...

Very pretty CK tins!xxx