Friday, 3 December 2010

Her Indoors....

 Well title say's it all really. Due to the snow and ice and the roads being so treacherous I was ''her indoors'' today. Schools cancelled again so another whole day to myself ...bliss. Now I should really have been finishing off decorating the hall or cleaning the bathroom but didn't really feel like it, nothing unusual there then :o). Besides I had the urge to create something, so out came the sewing machine and my fabric stash and I was off. Its not quite finished yet but hopefully I'll finish it and post some pics on my blog tomorrow, what could it be????
 We haven't got much in the cupboards, which is a disaster as it's difficult to get to a shop at present. And being stuck indoors does really give you the munchies. Luckily I had enough ingredients in to make a Victoria sponge, yummy. I had a slice earlier with a cup of tea glass of wine, lol.

Very nice it was too!

I hope you are all manging to stay safe and warm, and hopefully you are getting creative in the kitchen or craft room too.



fayefayesparkle said...

can't wait to see what you have made!
ps can I have a slice of cake, it looks yummy

emma bear forever said...

Lovely looking cake, can't wait to see what you have been making x

Margriet said...

Looks delicious! :-)

Blueberry Heart said...

oooh....lovely cake!
Hope you had a great Christmas
BH x