Monday, 23 June 2008

The New Forest Bear Festival

Hi everyone. sorry I haven't been around for a while, life's a bit hectic at the moment. Had my Grandads funeral on Wednesday, which was horrible. It was my first funeral and I didn't expect to get that upset. I was fine until I saw the coffin and then it hit home I think. I'm glad its over. Also mum and dad had to have their dog put to sleep on Saturday morning, which was quite sudden and unexpected, so not a great week all and all.


This Sunday 29th June is the first New Forest Bear Festival. Which is being held in Beaulieu village. In walking distance from the motor museum, but there is also a park and ride available. My sister in law, makes gorgeous mohair bears (Teeny Bears) and we have a stall at the bear festival. I've been making some lavender shabby chic hearts for the stall to sell as well. Hoping it will be a fun day out. You can check out my sister in laws bears at

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Can you see me?......

Look what I found in the garden last night. Had to keep the dog away, he was going mad. He likes nothing better, than wandering around with a frog in his mouth.

Got Phoebe a new bed mat from pets at home which she loves. I'm definitely coming back as a cat! Lady muck.
Played the buzz game at work last night, and had to draw a squirrel for one of the boys. I'm loving this new job.
Got to go to a funeral next Wednesday as my grandad passed away on Friday. Never been to a funeral before, not looking forward to it. He'd been poorly for a while and was into his eighties. I'm sure he's gone to a better place.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bootsale Bargains......

Sorry I haven't been posting much of late. Life's a bit hectic at the moment, and I'm still trying to settle into a routine with my new job. I managed to pick these bits up at the boot sale on Sunday. At the top is a colclough tea set, its exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for, its so pretty with all the little pink roses over it, and its perfect for my tea party. The little tea set minus the sugar bowl cost £1. Then I spotted the sugar bowl on another stall for 50p, what are the chances!
Also got this pretty little flan dish with a blackberry pattern for 20p........
and lovely mason and cash mixing bowl, like brand new for £1. Was really chuffed with my little finds. Had to get diesel after the boot sale though, and that set me back £30, HOW MUCH!!!
I made this little heart yesterday and added a lavender essential oil to the stuffing. I thought it looked really pretty tied onto my enamel jug.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Bootsale Buys.......

Got a few nice bits at the boot sale yesterday, (top) this lovely Tuscan ware tea cup, saucer and plate which I love and is the first buy for my afternoon tea party.
Also got this lovely sugar/jam pot and chicken salt and pepper pot by Gisela Graham, which are gonna look fab on the new dresser.
Also got a couple of paper backs to add to my ever expanding bookshelf.

Had a busy week so haven't posted much. We picked our new carpet up on Saturday and finished the painting Friday. Hubby laid the carpet gripper and underlay at the weekend and hopefully will get the carpet down this week. We still need to fix the units to the wall, and at some point make a cupboard for the freezer. Bought a nice old pine table with a drawer and four chairs from e-bay for £41.00, which Hubby picked up Sunday. It's round the in-laws at the mo, so hopefully I will see it tonight. I'll post a pic when I can. So all in all the decorating is getting there.

I started my new job today as a play worker, I think it's gonna be good, but sooooooo many names to remember.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

PIF Winners.....

I only had two participants in this PIF, so could Sarah's home and Mrs L please e-mail me their address and I will get started on your PIF gifts. (Ren I know you commented but wasn't sure if you wished to take part due to babies imminent arrival). My e-mail address is available by going into my profile, look forward to hearing from you both. UMMM will have to put my thinking cap on now!