Monday, 11 August 2008

Artemis Gathering

Had a fantastic time at the Artemis Gathering at the weekend, despite the appalling weather. Friday wasn't too bad, Saturday was wet and Sunday was windy. But I'm starting to become a hardened camper so I managed. The highlight of the camp for me was listening to Damh the Bard sing live. There was such a fantastic atmosphere and everybody joined in. My favourites have to be Pagan Ways and Green and Grey.
The Dolmen played later that evening and were also really good. Lots of covers done that we could all sing along too. As they were playing the Tribe of Kismet were belly dancing, and I must say was quite impressed.
The wolfs trust also attended so took a snap of this cutie. A few of us and our faces painted and I took my friends little girl to get hers done to. Here she proudly presents her butterfly, which of course had to match her crown and her poncho!

There were a few shops and stalls there. I had my tarot cards read, which was interesting and loved the talk given by the Wise Woman, she really knew her stuff. ZizzyFay clothing had a stall and Izzy's clothes are gorgeous, just e-mailed her to see if she can make me a top, as she only had small people sizes on her stall.

Wicca Woman were there, and they cater for the larger pagan girl, at last! So I did buy myself a lovely maroon velvet hooded top.

The Wicca Goddess which was fantastic didn't burn unfortunately, due to the fact she was absolutely drenched. There are some photos of her and the fire dancers on my friends camera, so will pop some on here when I get a copy.

Also bumped into a couple of fellow Stonewylde forumers which was lovely, we all wore our t-shirts to spread the word about these fantastic books.

So had a great weekend, but glad to be home to get some sleep.


Daisie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!
There is something waiting for you on my blog, come see......

solsticedreamer said...

what a fantastic time you had!!!!!
i am so envious

Sarahs Home said...

Sounds great, glad you had a fun time.

Sarah x