Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bird Box Love

Browsing the Next Christmas catalogue, I totally fell in love with this gorgeous caravan bird house, so I had to order one didn't I?. Went onto the next website only to find out that's it's sold out :o(. I've looked all over the Internet for one and can't find anything. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one of these beauties please let me know, I really really love it. I seem to have a thing for caravans lately which is quite bizarre don't you think?. My mum and dad have promised to give me and hubby their old van and I can't wait to make it look all pretty and retro, ready for camping in the summer.  

It's so cold here today, but sadly no snow :o(, I have two pots of beef stew bubbling away. One for us and one for the in laws. It's smelling yummy and I want some now, but have to wait until this evening :o(. I don't think a cheese sarnie will suffice this lunchtime. perhaps some hot buttered toast and a brew instead.

Hope you are having a good week folks.



Amanda said...

I loved this too, hope you get one. I'll send you some of our snow....got plenty!

jocelyn said...

If you like caravans, you should stop by my Flickr.com, Jocelyn in Budapest and check out my doll caravan. It is patterned off of one I saw on Du Buh Du Designs. I just love it. It is in the set marked "Le temps de Roulette" Love the bird caravan as well :D