Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Great British Bake Off

Tuesday nights are my absolute favourite night on TV at the moment, and that's purley down to one show, The Great British Bake Off. But alas my enjoyment will be short lived as tonight is the last show in the series; the final, which happens to be an afternoon tea party :o) YIPPEE. Already brimming with anticipation here. Roll on 8 o-clock BBC2.
And look what arrived in the post today. The book to accompany the show which I ordered on Sunday. Look at the eye candy!!!! Vintage crockery, Emma Bridgewater tins, and on the show every colour of magi mix imaginable and smeg fridges galore, not to mention oodles of pretty bunting. It's got to be every girls dream hasn't it? I can't wait to get baking from the book. I think I'll start with Miranda's Vanilla Biscuits. I need to get me some of those gorgeous girly cutters, e-bay here I come.
Also giving me much enjoyment this week are the bargains I picked up from the banana bookshop on Sunday. I've been hankering after these two books for a while. Mainly for the vintage-ness of them. And at only £4.98 for the two, they jumped straight into my basket.
And then these jumped in too ''The wonderful weekend book'' I have already flicked through and it looks great and the other two look a good read too. Having seen so much on ''Pay it forward'' in blog land I couldn't resist this book. All three for £5 again a bargain I think. :0)
Last but certainly not least adding to this weeks enjoyment factor has to be the new Cath catalogue. Full to the brim with lovelies. I'd do a wish list, but basically I want it all! If you ladies spotted the large Provence jug in the pages which was priced at £15 and can't seem to be able to order it, it's because it's not available until November :o(  I phoned them and asked, cos I really wanted it.
Well that's it for now folks, hope your all having a lovely week.



JuicyFig said...

hehehe - that bake off has been brilliant, just wish I could have been a judge! yuum....
tonights task is to get my niece to sleep by 8pm!!!

Love the books - and am wondering where my CK catalogue is...


The Patchwork Heart said...

Im watching too and agree its so sad it has to end!
Heather x

LittleGem said...

Hi Louisa,
I am soooooo excited about tonights show, I have loved it!! I want Ruth to win, and think she will.
The book is already on my Xmas list!
I have both the vintage style sewing books too and they are so lovely and nostalgic.
P.S This week I found Ruths baking blog!
Linky if you are interested: http://www.thepinkwhisk.co.uk/

CraftyHelen said...

Oh you are so naughty - I was trying REALLY hard not to order that book but I'm just going to have to now! Thanks for the peek it looks fab!xx

MelMel said...

I loved that jug too!
Great vintage style books too!xxx

winnibriggs said...

Thanks for the kind comment. I can't believe I have missed this whole series, even though DD kept reminding me. Perhaps I will have to get the book to compensate. it looks brilliant.

a mermaids purse said...

lovely books, loved the bake off- though i really liked miranda!!!!
but Ed deserved to win! ;0)
best wishes xxxx

Cally's Cottage said...

Ah every time it has been on I have wanted to go down to the kitchen and bake!Hope they do another series and I will be putting the book on my wish list!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

barbara burkard said...

we just began a new series; food chef, just desserts! it is soo much fun to watch! (lots of drama!) ooo i LOVE cath kidston! omg..I will have to go search for the book!

big hugz...

Poppy said...

Hello, more temptation…I really need to do some shopping soon, this is the down side to blogging, I see too many things I like.
Lou xxx

PS. a belated happy birthday!

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

there is a little shop in lymington that sells 99% CK goodies~i was in there yesterday and swampy is getting me a little holder for my blackberry and a glasses case for my yule gift :)

MamaBug said...

You have me hooked on CK...must post the few little things I bought and had shipped over...that show sounds like fun...we have the Food Network over there which does several different versions of this type of thing....so much fun! All your books look so lovely!