Monday, 10 August 2009

I've been given an award from Mel Mel to show you all my latest 5 obsessions so here goes folks!
  1. Twilight, where do I begin, books, film, and let's not forget about the guys! Ladies have u seen the cast!!! u really need to check these books and film out, serious eye candy!!!!
  2. Tilda, I just lurve these books, great patterns and delicious stuff to make. The new book is fab!
  3. Lauren Luke makeup tutorials on YouTube. These are great and have really given me some self confidence in my appearance and I've ordered myself some stunning new makeup.
  4. Shopping for new clothes. I'm really trying to make the best of my self at the moment, and gain a little self confidence. I've bought a few new items of clothing. I'm loving this shopping thing!
  5. Face book and Farm Town, it's great fun and very addictive!

Well that's a little info about me at the moment folks!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

How much do I love Tilda........

After waiting an awfully long time and having this book pre-ordered since February, its finally arrived, and I'm very excited. Here's a bit of a sneaky peek into the latest book by Tone Finnanger, Sew Sunny Homestyle. (English edition).
Look at that desk!

I love this bird house sewing kit idea and can't wait to try it.

Sorry the pics are a bit naff, the light is terrible today. Wheres the sun its August for crying out loud.

This bag is sooooo pretty, another one for my must make list.

I practically jumped off the sofa when I saw this stunning cake made out of soap. I'm desperate to have a go at making it. I've got all sorts of ideas rushing through my head. I can just picture this soap cake on a craft stall.

These hens are so cute!

And I love this little character, such an adorable little face.

I hope you liked the sneaky peek. As you know I'm Tilda mad and adore these books. I shall be kept entertained for hours with these.


Pixie xxx

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Wanderer Returns

A BIG HELLO, to all my blogging pals. I'm sorry its been a while since I've been on. I just haven't had a lot to talk about on here and life in general just seems to get in the way. I've also not been feeling myself for a bit and have just let life pass me by while I've retreated into my books reading. Sometimes its nice just to go and live in another world in a book for a bit than put up with the real one. Anyhow, I'm starting to feel more myself the passed couple of weeks, so thought it was about time I got out, so on Saturday I hit the shops with a Pal and treated myself. I got this gorgeous Cath Kidston messenger bag which is in a new print for autumn 09, not sure what its called but I love it. Its the first time I've visited CK since the shop opened in Winchester and there was sooooo much to look at, and that I wanted to take home.

I also got myself and lovely new top from next and had great fun checking out the monsoon sale. We also spent ages checking out the latest makeup in boots. I haven't had a real good girly shopping day in years and it did me the world of good.
Now I said earlier that I've spent a lot of time reading, and my new all time favourite series of books has to be the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer, I read all four books twice in 2 weeks. I'm so in love with the series. Its got vampires, werewolves and an amazing love triangle.
A real page turner that I couldn't put down and had me up reading into the small hours.

I must admit to watching the film first which I've also watched about 10 times since. Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, in fact all the twilight guys are, so prepare for some serious eye candy ladies. The next film in the saga New Moon is due to be released in the UK 20/11/09, and I cannot wait.

I have a sketch to do in the next couple of weeks for my boss, and I've also been asked to make some bunting for a colleague. I really must get back into crafting again, I'm sure once I start I won't be able to stop. I'm still waiting for the new Tilda book to be sent to me. I pre-ordered it in February with it due to be released in July, then delivery was changed to Aug 4th, and now I've been informed that it's still not been published in the UK yet and have to wait even longer. AARRRGGG.
I hope all my bloggy pals are OK, and I will try and visit all you blogs in the next week or so.
Take Care
Pixie xxxx