Monday, 25 May 2009

Awarded to you all......

Thanks Elanor

Thanks Sarah

Thanks again to the two lovely ladies who have given me these awards, much appreciated. Now I'm supposed to choose 10 people to give these awards to. This is a hard task indeed, as I there are lots and lots of blogs I read and love, and so many of you have these awards already, so if you are a reader of my blog feel free to accept these awards.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Look what came for me in the post this week! This parcel was from the lovely Beki at Ramblings of an everyday mummy.

all the gifts were prettily wrapped with little stickers on.

I love this cupcake canvas Beki's made.

And this cute little cupcake.

I love it all. Thanks so much Beki!

edit, I've also been given two lovely awards this week. I've popped them in my sidebar but will also be awarding them to some of my fav blogs this week. Thanks Elanor and Sarah.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Wanderer returns...............


It took me a while but I finally got a chance to get back onto my blog. Beltane camp was great. Apologies for the serious lack of pics, I kept forgetting to get my camera out of the tent, and the other pics I do have are of my friends looking rough so I have been forbidden to put them on my blog. Most of my trip was spent sat around chatting, singing, and drinking although not in excess this year. We went to a couple of events around the bell fire, one of which was a pagan marriage ceremony, which was followed by a fire labyrinth. The labyrinth was amazing it had died down alot before I got to take a photo. We laughed a lot and were really grubby and in need of a bath by the time Monday arrived, so it was nice to get home and get clean. I don't sleep very well at camp so I spent the following week feeling tired, in fact for the last two weeks I've felt tired, and trying to catch up on some sleep.

Last Sunday we had a lovely day out with friends in the Forest of Bere. We intended to have a BBQ but they don't allow them there anymore so we had a picnic and took the BBQ's over our friends later. We had great fun playing with an aerobie, which is like a Frisbee but fly's better, so we're on the look out for one now. As well as us, Woody was tuckered out the next day too, as he spent hours chasing after his ball.
Last night I went to a Ladies evening at a local school as my SIL was selling her cupcakes. Its the first time she's taken them anywhere to sell and they sold like.....well, hot cakes, I guess, lol. The stall looked great and she sold every last one. Check out her new cupcake blog here.
I purchased some pretty cards and wrapping paper from the Phoenix trading stall and some smellies from another lady. A local beauty salon were there as well doing manicures and threading, so we all decided to have our eyebrows threaded. I can recommend it, they look great and threading gives a better shape than waxing and it doesn't hurt anymore than waxing either. Best of all it only cost me £5.
I haven't made much of anything for a while, as I just haven't been in the right mood. Its pointless me trying to make stuff if my hearts just not in it. So today will be spent trying to find my mojo (i think thats the term) lol.
I have been up to something else too but I will put that in another post this week. Hope you are all well.
Pixie xxx

Friday, 1 May 2009


Beltane blessings to all my lovely blog friends.

I'm off to camp today to celebrate Beltane, fingers crossed the weather stays nice. I will try and be a better blogger when I get back! I have a few pics from last Beltane camp if you wanted to take a look. Just click Beltane in my labels. Theres lots on the net about Beltane too, so won't do a long post now, also I've got to pack!

I'm afraid I've got behind in the swaps I'm taking part in. I haven't forgotten you, but been so busy, will do my best to sort it all out next week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Pixie xxx