Friday, 20 November 2009

Poorly Sick :o(

Morning folks, I'm off work today feeling very sorry for myself. I had to leave work a little early yesterday morning, as I was feeling very sick. To top that off I've got a very bad cold and a barking cough. I'm not able to get out with the dogs and so the puppy has been driving me crazy tearing around the house and tormenting poor old Woody dog. They'll both get a walk when hubby gets in this evening, but for today me thinks the house is going to be like an adventure playground. The house is also getting me down as its an absolute tip, but i just don't seem to have the time or energy to give it a good clean at the moment, add to that the NVQ college work that's piling up and a craft fair I need to get ready for on the horizon, its not surprising I came down with lurgy. Sorry for such a depressing post so far, but I just needed to get it off my chest. Now whats a girl to do to cheer herself up...............................

well as you all know, I'm a massive Twilight fan, and today's the day the next instalment is released at the cinema. I tried to book the tickets for tonight a week ago, but sadly all sold out :o(, but I think that's fate, as I don't feel well enough to go tonight anyway, but...............I have 5 tickets booked for me and my girly friends on Sunday afternoon. :o)
I think I may get a little over excited..............

I've watched the the clips over and over again on You Tube (sad i know) and there are a lot of half naked hotties on screen most of the time. I really hope the movie lives up to my expectations, and is authentic to the book. I'll let you all know what I thought of the movie after Sunday. In the meantime I'm off to blow my nose and make myself a hot lemon.
Pixie xxxx


Isobel said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon so you can have a super time on Sunday. I am curious to see this film too, but I think that for me, it will be better to wait til it comes out on DVD. Having a little baby really limits our "going to the cinema" time a lot.
Have lots of rest!

Red Riding said...

oh my!i cant watch new moon,i got obsessed with the books last year and i now have a self imposed ban for my own safety!
those books and movies should carry a health warning!

hope you feel better soon.having the lurgy is just sucky =)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hope you feel better soon - I would be sooooo excited about seeing New Moon that would make me better instantly!! I love them all - I just keep re reading all the books and re watching Twilight - i really need to get out more LOL
Lesley x

made with love said...

Oh dear, hope you are feeling better soon.
Rachael XX

A Country Girl said...

Oh, poor you. Dogs don't seem to understand about illness do they?

My daughter and some friends are off to see New Moon for her birthday next week. Must admit I hadn't realised there was quite so much half-nakedness in it! (She'll be 14) Best I stay home in ignorant bliss.

karen said...

Oh hunni I'm so sorry to hear your feeling unwell. If it's any consolation I have been battling with the flu for the last week.
I got sick of staying indoors and ventured into town today and now I really wish I hadn't bothered.

Hey why don't you make use of your puppies energy and tie a sweeping brush to his tail he could sweep the floor for you hehehehehe.
Hope you enjoy your movie and hope your feeling better soon

Lavender hearts said...

It's brilliant! You won't be dissappointed. Much better than the first one - darker. :-) Just ot back from the cinema and I'm watching the first one again. How sad am I? :-)

Hope you get better soon! x said...

Oh get better soon! Dont do too much, as you need the rest! Its awful when everything feels like its bearing down on you isnt it? Love the hotties! suzie xxx

Cally's Cottage said...

Get well soon!And enjoy the film.
Cally xxx

Patty said...

I hope your feeling better and got to see the movie, it was really good.

thesnailgarden said...

Hope you are feeling better this week, best wishes Pj x

Yarrow said...

Sorry that you've been poorly, Pixie, I hope you soon feel better :)

Yarrow said...

Hope you're feeling better now, Pixie. I did enjoy the movie and want to see it again too! It feels a little odd though, drooling over such youngsters ;)