Friday, 18 June 2010

Strawberry swap goodies and giveaway winner

Good afternoon folks! I have had a super busy week this week so I'm really lagging behind on my blog, sorry xx. But hope to rectify that a little with this post. First up, I'd like to show you all the fantastic parcel that arrived for me in the post yesterday. It's my strawberry swap goodies from Me and Ma. Want to take a look what I received?.................

Well the gorgeous goodies were wrapped up in a metre of the scrummiest strawberry fabric which will be put to good use, and a lovely long piece of green ribbon. Hiding inside were these treasures.

A pretty handmade pouch containing some strawberry bonbons. A pretty handmade heart and this amazing strawberry tea cosy. :o)

Here's the fabric and ribbon. Lots of crafting to be done with this.

A pair of handmade pot holders, very handy indeed.

A lovely long piece of handmade bunting, I love it!

An apron, again all handmade. So much work has gone into all this.

Even the back is pretty.

And not one not two but six strawberry napkins.
A massive thank you Maria, I love all what you've sent. You must have spent so much time at your machine making all this handmade loveliness. I'm overwhelmed. (((((Big Hugs))))))

I still have to finish my goodies to you, but will have them in the post beginning of next week.

Just a reminder to all those who have taken part in my strawberry swap, that you can post pics of your goodies in this flickr group I've created.

Now it's about time I picked a winner for my domestic goddess giveaway. Thank You to all that entered I had some lovely tips and comments left. It would seem baby wipes and vinegar are a big favourite with you all. goes......I wrote down the names......

Popped them into the bowl.........Laundry basket was full lol :o) and the winner is...................................

Well done Alex,  could you please e-mail me with your details and I will post off your giveaway goodies.

I still haven't forgotten about posting some holiday pics, I will try and get around to it tomorrow. I went strawberry picking yesterday, so have about 6lb strawberries to deal with in a minute. Must get in the back of the kitchen cupboard to grab my jam pan. Although I may struggle bending down, as last night I went to my first Body Combat class in a couple of years and I'm a bit sore, mainly my bum cheeks lol. I have also joined weight watchers this week and I'm now on a mission to get fit and loose 4 1/2 stone GULP. I think prayers may be needed.

Well off to make some strawberry jam. (Not to be consumed by me I might add) lol


Monday, 14 June 2010

Swap Treasures

Hello folks! I'm back from my holiday, and had a wonderful time, but I'll do a holiday post tomorrow, as I have far too much to get into one. So my first post is dedicated to the lovely swaps I received whilst away. Luckily my Tilda swap from the Netherlands arrived just before we left, and my fairytale swap from the USA arrived while we were away but luckily my neighbour took the parcel for me. I can't tell you how excited i was to receive this large pink rosy box in the post.

What could be inside?

Look at all these prettily wrapped parcels. And you can't miss that stunning angel.
Inside all that pretty paper, I received some gorgeous fabric, a spotty shopping bag, some lovely essential oils for crafts or my oil burner, some strawberries, strawberry tea, strawberry sweets and a homes mag from the Netherlands. Not to mention the lovely homemade card.
Margriet and myself have been chatting quite a bit through e-mail and thought it would be nice to receive a homes mag from another country. And I did enjoy looking at the lovely eye candy.

I adore the angel, she is beautifully made and the fabrics are so me. A huge big thank you and (((((big hugs))))) to my swap partner Margriet for the wonderful Tilda swap parcel.

And here's what I sent to Margriet.

A Tilda summer garland.

Handmade scented strawberries in a jar.

A CK bag and voucher, CK tissues, CK tin with some buttons inside, a cherry notebook, some cake cases and an English Homes magazine.

The second parcel that arrived was my fairytale swap from Marva, and here's what I received.

look at all these Alice in wonderland goodies.
A lovely vintage tea cup and saucer, a handmade needle case, handmade gift tags, a cute little drink me bottle, some strawberry fabric and lace, some tea bags, biscotti and a little matchbox, curious?
Containing lots of Alice trinkets.

If you click the photo you should be able to read this gift tag.
So a big Thank You to Marva and (((((big hugs)))) to you too. I feel thoroughly spoilt.


PS I will pick a winner for my giveaway tomorrow, sorry ladies running a bit late.

Friday, 4 June 2010

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

Picture from Flickr

Hello, my blogging friends. Thanks so much for all the blog birthday wishes, it made me :o)

I've been cleaning and tidying in a major way all day today, cos tomorrow Mr Pixie, myself and the dog's, my brother and his girlfriend are off on holiday for a week. We are going to be staying in a lovely cottage in Somerset, (my favourite place). One day we WILL live there!

No parcels have arrived today, and I'm expecting a couple too. I hope they get here in the morning before we leave otherwise they will be sat at the sorting office for a week, unless the posty leaves them with next door. If they get lost I will be very very upset :o(

I hope to be able to blog while we are away, as we have one of those wireless vodafone stick thingy's for the laptop. But if not, normal service will resume on our return.

Well better pack,


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Faerienuff

Picture from Flickr

Well I hadn't even realised it was my blogs birthday today, until a fellow blogger pointed it out. Thanks Tina. I can't believe that my little blog is two today, where does the time go. I think this is probably the longest I've stuck at anything. Id like to say a big thank you to all those who read my blog and pop by and leave comments. I really love to see your comments. I have met ''well virtually'' of course, so many lovely people through blogging, and I'd like to think of you as friends. Now normally I'd do a giveaway to celebrate but I'm already hosting one so if you'd like to enter please click here.

A piece of cake to all my blogging friends.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fabric Swap Goodies

Look what Mr Posty bought me this morning! I must say I was very excited. I was feeling in rather a grump today and this cheered me up no end. It's my fabric swap parcel from Olivia at Victoria Plum.
Look at the stunning array of goodies she sent me. three fat quarters of the prettiest fabric. The two spotty ones will come in very handy, I haven't any small spotty fabric left and I'm loving the pastel shades of these two. Also the light blue piece has a very pretty floral design on. These three will be great for making tilda dolls. Olivia also sent me two pieces of felt, some bootiful spotty and gingham ribbon and some pretty stripey buttons. And then more goodies. A lovely smelly vanilla Yankee candle melt, some Cath Kidston Sweet William seeds, and Cath Kidston pin tin and pincushion. I feel totally overwhelmed by Olivia's generosity. I'm so chuffed with my swap goodies. Thank you sooooo much. (((BIG HUGS))).  I just hope my parcel arrives with Olivia (this is the parcel that has gone missing :o(  ) I'm on holiday next week but if it still hasn't turned up by then I will be sending Olivia some more goodies. xxx

Now.....this week has involved major household cleaning. Something I detest, in fact I'd rather put pins in my eyes! lol. Yesterday I started to tackle my kitchen, the first job being the dreaded cupboard under the sink AARRRGGG. I shocked myself with the amount of cleaning products I had under there. (There are more on the floor not pictured too :o{ I had 3 and half bottles of washing up liquid 2 new tins of Mr muscle oven cleaner. which is hilarious as i never clean my oven. (but lovely hubby did it on Sunday with oven pride for me, i owe him big time) Three kitchen sprays, Two cream cleaners and enough cloths for the street, amongst other things. This is a ridiculous amount of stuff and I don't think I'll need to buy any products for a while. I probably only ever use a few basic products the rest of the time I like to use white vinegar, so god only knows why I've got it all.

Anyhow this is how my manky old falling apart kitchen cupboard looked after.
A big improvement I think. I also cleaned all the kitchen, including the cutlery drawer and today I'm finishing off, run out of steam yesterday. I've taken my fridges apart today and have given them a major clean, done loads of washing, including the lounge curtains taken out the rubbish, been up the shop, walked the dogs, taken hubby his lunch and I'm about to clear out the lounge for a deep clean. I'm really gonna need that holiday next week.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. Your chance to own some domestic goddess-ness. (DON'T WORRY IT'S NOT THE CONTENTS OF MY CUPBOARD)

Well off to clean some more folks. I hope to be done so I can watch Britain's got talent tonight. I loved Tina and Chandi last night, that dog is amazing.